Monday, January 31, 2011

Grzegorz Domaradzki's Vector Movie Posters

I love and despise the Internet at the same time. On the one hand, with the Internet I can get step-by-step directions to just about anywhere, I can get a 50" television for an insanely low price, I can download entire seasons of television series that only plays in the UK, and discover amazing new artists who I'd have never heard of otherwise. On the other hand, I can find amazing artists who have more creativity in their pinky finger than I would have in three of me combined (cue the shame spiral). Case in point, Polish graphic designer Grzegorz Domaradzki (AKA Gabz). He created a series of movie posters as a personal project, and they're amazing! The only bummer (and it's a big one) is that these aren't real posters and can't be purchased anywhere.

In Grzegorz's words:
"I start with Adobe Illustrator working on portrait photography found in the internet using Bamboo tablet. Once finished I paste it into Photoshop and start designing the posters, adding typography, textures, effects, filters and all sorts of adjustment layers."
I've chosen four of my favorites, but you can view the rest of posters through his Behance Network portfolio. Volume 1 consists mostly of newer films while Volume 2 has more of the films that would be considered classics.

Apocalypse Now
"Another Apocalypse Now poster?" you say. Yep, but as you can tell this and Doyle's poster from yesterday's post really have nothing in common besides the fact that they both feature the warmonger Lieutenant Colonel Kilgore. The placement of the "Napalm" quote is brilliant - not only is it a fantastic quote, it also happens to form the brim of Kilgore's hat (along with the crossed swords). A very smart composition!

The Deer Hunter
I figured, why stop with a good thing - let the Vietnam War movie poster bonanza continue. Gabz's The Deer Hunter poster is a playful take on the film's title and our characters' favorite pastime (hint - hunting deer). The Deer Hunter has always been a favorite of mine, especially for Christopher Walken's powerful and intense performance (long before he became a pop culture punchline).

Blade Runner
Another stunner by Grzegorz. Rutger Hauer has never looked so…blonde. This poster has a ton of great little touches - the Blade Runner font, the 100 MPH motion blur, and even the neon sign that became the benchmark for all future depictions of a metropolis laid waste by overpopulation and advertising.

Raging Bull
And last but not least, we have this wonderful Raging Bull poster. This poster may be my favorite as it perfectly captures the film's beautiful black and white cinematography and much like the boxing bouts, is very minimal except for the flashing bulbs of the reporters. Will somebody please make these posters a reality?!

Well that about wraps up this spotlight on a very talented guy. Again, he has several more movie posters and a ton of other artwork available for viewing at his Behance portfolio and his personal website. Mondo, if you're listening to this, do us all a favor and get in touch with this man!

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