Thursday, July 28, 2011

Mondo's "Cowboys & Aliens" Movie Posters

I've read some disappointing things about Favreau's latest film, but I'm hoping for the best and I'm still pretty excited. No matter how the film turns out, one thing's for sure: the movie will be sporting some fantastic artwork thanks to Mondo and four very talented artists.

Cowboys & Aliens Movie Poster
Daniel Danger
18" x 24"
$40 - Edition of 420

This was one of the many posters that were released at SDCC, and it's positively brilliant in person (I totally grabbed one). I don't know too much about the film's story other than its titular premise, but the poster seems to suggest that humans are being abducted from the streets via airborne cables (kind of creepy). I only bring that up because, except for the title of the film, it looks like Danger favored the western aspects of the movie over the alien elements and I'm the happier for it. And by working primarily with several variations of the color blue he's really captured that nocturnal apprehension we've all experienced before - that moment sometime between twilight and complete darkness when things go bump in the night (whether they're actually there or not). I wrote the majority of this post before I read the the LA Times piece on these prints, but I thought this quote from Danger was very informative about his approach when creating this poster (gleefully pilfered from the LA Times' article, "Cowboys & Aliens Gets Mondo Poster Treatment"):
"In this case, I’ve been playing with a reoccurring motif of ghosts and spirits floating above old houses for years, so when I saw the scenes where citizens of the town are yanked into the air by the alien cables, I knew I could use that narrative element to create an image that’s specific and iconic to the movie, but also feels like a piece I would have created myself. I didn’t want the spacecraft to be terribly prominent, so I used just glimpses of lights and beams to show their presence…but between that and the cables, it’s just enough to show that whats going on here is out of place in a traditional western."
Daniel Danger's Cowboys & Aliens poster will be available through Mondo tomorrow (7/29) at a random time for $40. The poster is limited to an edition of 420 and measures 18" x 24". Be sure to follow @MondoNews for the exact release time and visit Danger's site at I'd also recommend reading the LA Times article, not just for the interviews, but also for a very cool Daniel Danger process video. Oh yeah, and it sounds like there's going to be a wood variant of this as well.

Cowboys & Aliens Movie Poster
Janée Meadows
18" x 24"
$35 - Edition of 170

I've never heard of Janée Meadows before, but I'm starting to realize that that was a serious gap in my (decidedly limited) artistic education. This poster is wonderful to stare at and perfectly straddles the line between weird science fiction and badass gunslinger western. Just looking at this print makes me long for a glass of water as the arid yellow tones immediately evoke an inhospital desert heat. I'm not sure whether the previously mentioned Danger poster or this one is my favorite, but I'm thinking I might try for Janée's print come morning (tomorrow morning to be precise). Janée Meadows' Cowboys & Aliens poster is limited to 170, will cost $35 and measures 18" x 24". Like all of the prints mentioned in this post, Meadows' artwork will be available tomorrow (7/29) through Mondo. To learn more about the artist be sure to visit I'm really hoping we see more Mondo-commissioned work from her in the future.

Cowboys & Aliens Movie Poster
Tom Whalen
24" x 36"
$35 - Edition of 190

I don't usually bring up the price of the poster until the very end of my review, but wow, this is a steal at $35. Think about it, Tom's poster measures 24" x 36" and only costs $35. Sorry, I just had to mention that at outset of this write-up. I really dig Whalen's layout here. The way the figures are arranged starting small in the lower right-hand corner of the canvas and as you move upward and to the left getting larger and larger - it reminds me of a classic Struzan one sheet, but with Whalen's more minimal and very distinct aesthetic. And again with the sun. Both Meadows' and Whalen's posters really nail the tangibly blistering locales from the film, and more precisely, from pretty much every western ever made. Since I normally don't have artist quotes to play around with, you'll have to forgive me if I'm being over indulgent. Tom Whalen on his motivations and methods for creating the Cowboys & Aliens poster (rudely lifted from LA Times' "Cowboys & Aliens Gets Mondo Poster Treatment"):
"The seed for this poster was planted while reading an interview with Jon Favreau during the movie’s production. I was excited when I heard that he intended it to play as a straight western… that just happened to have aliens in it. When I received the assignment to design a poster for the film, I remembered that intent and wanted to channel some of the incredible spaghetti western poster design that graced movie theaters in the 1960s. Much like the tone of the film itself, I wanted my design to read as a western poster first and let the alien references throughout slowly reveal it to be something much more."
I've already mentioned the price, so I'll just tell you that Tom Whalen's poster will be available tomorrow (7/29) at a random time on Mondo's website. The poster measures 24" x 36 and is limited to an edition of 190. To see more of Tom Whalen's impressive body of work head over to

And that's about it. Florian Bertmer will also have a Cowboys & Aliens print available, but we won't get to see it until tomorrow morning. I'm sure Bertmer's print will be fantastic. Be sure to follow @MondoNews for all the release details. Have a great night / day (whenever you're reading this)!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Best of the Rest: 2011 - Round 1

I've been meaning to put this post together for a while now, but I've had trouble sitting down and actually writing it (it's a long one and is formatting-heavy). The point behind my "Best of the Rest" feature is to reward and praise the official movie posters that, for some reason or another, were able to escape the clutches of the generic floating head marketing campaigns we all know and love and actually come out with something creative, even, dare I say it, cool. Sure, places like Mondo, Gallery 1988, and Fro Design Co. are going to come out with kickass film artwork, that's to be expected, but what about all of the official one sheets that we see posted on the walls of our local theaters? Since there's going to be a ton of images in this posts I won't be writing too much, but hopefully the images will speak for themselves.

The majority of the posters I included below were found between January and June of this year, although I'm sure more than a few slipped in from 2010. I've already got enough content for several of these features, but for the sake of timeliness I'll only post a few posters at a time. As a reminder, all of these posters were chosen based on my personal tastes - there's a very good chance that you'll detest every image found below (and with good reason). Let me know what you think!

13 Assassins
Poster Design By: N/A

You'll probably notice how much I love illustrated artwork after reading through this post. 13 Assassins is a fantastic samurai epic and this poster does a great job capturing the film's period. Magnet, the American distributor of 13 Assassins, seems to champion really great artwork for their films, now if only all the other studios / distributors would follow suit.

Black Death
Poster Design By: Gravillis Inc.

Another amazing poster from Magnet (Magnolia Pictures' genre arm). It's simple, bleak and much like the 13 Assassins poster, it does a great job of transporting you to the movie's historical setting - in this case the Dark Ages.

The Skin I Live In
Poster Design By: N/A

This Spanish teaser poster for The Skin I Live In is beautiful and horrifying all at the same time. It reminds me of illustrations that would be found in an old medical texbook or encyclopedia, and it's kind of brilliant in that it doesn't really tell you anything about the film, but it is without a doubt quite attention grabbing. Now that I'm looking over this post, I think this may be the only non-Magnet film here.

I Saw the Devil
Poster Design By: Gravillis Inc.
I Saw the Devil
Poster Design By: Gravillis Inc.

This was a creepy / badass revenge flick, but these posters are just downright disturbing. Gravillis Inc. seems to be putting out some pretty fantastic one sheets. Both of these posters show a mastery over typography and some amazing use of color. Well done.

Poster Design By: James Stokoe

Everything about this poster is perfect. Everything. I'd never heard of James Stokoe prior to the Trollhunter one sheet, but it's clear that I need to remedy my ignorance (and quickly). And can you guess what distributor released this poster? Yep! Magnet. They're on a role! For a great interview with the artist I'd recommend heading over to the Splash Page.

Hobo with a Shotgun
Poster Design By: James White
Hobo with a Shotgun
Poster Design By: Tom Hodge

Probably everyone on the Internet has heard of this movie by now. What you may not know about is how awesome the marketing campaign for the film was. In my opinion James White's and Tom Hodge's posters exemplify that point with their beautifully hand drawn artwork that absolutely screams grindhouse.

Poster Design By: N/A
Poster Design By: N/A

Poster Design By: Olly Moss
Poster Design By: Boris Vallejo & Julie Bell

Go figure, more Magnet posters. I promise future installments of my "Best of the Rest" will not be filled with posters from just one studio or distributor. With that said, you've got to admit these posters are just plain cool. This is probably heresy, but it's really saying something when Olly Moss' clearly fantastic poster is the weakest of the bunch. Very impressive stuff all around!

That's it for this round. What are some of your favorite posters from 2011?

Friday, July 22, 2011

San Diego Comic-Con

It has begun. I’ve survived my first day of SDCC and with two new Mondo posters to boot. Time to rest my feet and prepare for tomorrow. Stay tuned to my Tumblr if you're interested in more of my Comic-Con pictures.

As a heads up, later today (and by later today I mean 7/22 - it's about 12:30 AM here right now) Mondo will put Tyler Stout and Olly Moss' Captain America posters up for purchase through their online storefront. Good luck!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mondo's "Captain America" Movie Posters

UPDATE 2 (8/22): Tyler Stout is selling his remaining Captain America prints tomorrow through a sure-to-be-crowded lottery. Check out the instructions here.

UPDATE 1 (7/23): Looks like these are all sold out. The Stout posters and regular Moss prints were sold through Mondo's page, and everything else has been released at Comic-Con. Olly Moss will put up some signed AP editions sometime next week (follow @OllyMoss for more info), and Tyler Stout will be having a lottery in few weeks. If you want to buy one ASAP, it's time to take a look at the secondary market (i.e., eBay).

The Internet is all a-flurry with the atomic bomb that Mondo dropped on everyone earlier this week / last week. Big news, Mondo will have a presence for the first time ever at San Diego Comic-Con. Even bigger news, Mondo has announced not one, not two, but eight Captain America: The First Avenger prints (that number includes variants). Read on to find out what all the hubbub is about (I don't know whether I should be proud or ashamed of using both 'all in a-flurry' and 'hubbub' in a single paragraph - ashamed I'm guessing).

Captain America Movie Poster (Regular)
Tyler Stout
24" x 36"
$50 - Limited to 650
Captain America Movie Poster (Variant)
Tyler Stout
24" x 36"
$100 - Limited to 220

Love it, love it, love it! You don't really get anything insanely different from Tyler Stout here, but he's just so damn good at what he does, it doesn't even matter. I think I'm partial to the variant, because I'm a fan of the more muted palette, and I kind of dig the reflective surface he tries to evoke here. If you've got some time on your hands, I would definitely recommend clicking on the images above because, as usual, the amount of detail he packed into the 24" x 36" canvas is mind boggling. If you have the Tyler Stout Iron Man 2 poster, then this is a must have, as the Cap should, nay needs, to be next to Tony Stark. Seriously, this poster has to be seen to be believed. There is a regular and variant edition of Stout's Captain America: The First Avenger poster, with each poster measuring 24" x 36". The regular edition is limited to 650 and will cost $50, while the silver variant edition is limited to 220 and will cost $100. At this point no official release date has been announced, but I think it's safe to assume the posters will be released sometime during this year's San Diego Comic-Con (July 20th to the 24th). Tune in to @MondoNews for all the release details as they're announced. To learn more about artist Tyler Stout head over to

Captain America Art Print (Regular)
Olly Moss
18" x 24"
$85 for the regular set - Limited to 375
Captain America - HYDRA Art Print (Regular)
Olly Moss
18" x 24"
$85 for the regular set - Limited to 375

Captain America Art Print (Variant)
Olly Moss
18" x 24"
Captain America - HYDRA Art Print (Variant)
Olly Moss
18" x 24"

Olly Moss' propaganda-style art prints are absolutely dripping with nostalgia for a bygone era of equal parts optimistic naivete and despotic jingoism, creating a fun, yet eerily familiar historical document belonging to a fictional universe. I think I favor the colorful regular editions over the black and white variants in this case, though they're both very catching. This is a great example of artwork that bridges the gap between nerdy and classy in the best way possible, thanks in large part to its minimalist execution. And with a name like Olly Moss attached you know these will go fast. I don't really have any info on the variants at this point, but I do know the regular editions will be sold as a set of two for $85, which isn't too bad for a Moss print set. The posters will both measure 18" x 24" and are limited to a run of 375 a piece. Follow @MondoNews for more info, and visit to find out more about the man who the New York Times Style Magazine has dubbed the "Poster Boy Wonder."

Captain America Art Print
Eric Tan
18" x 24"
$80 for set - Limited to 220
Captain America - HYDRA Art Print
Eric Tan
18" x 24"
$80 for set - Limited to 220

And last, but certainly not least, Eric Tan has also put together a really fun set of propaganda-style art prints, one for Captain America and the US of A, the other for Red Skull and HYDRA. I enjoy the Captain America print immensely, though I have to say, I'm head over heels for the HYDRA print. It's downright creepy, but it's also pulpy and playful. Like Olly's prints, these two posters will be sold as a set, but for slightly cheaper than Mr. Moss' creations at $80. Both posters measure 18" x 24" and are limited to an edition of 220. To get the 411 (do people still use that phrase?) on Eric Tan checkout his blog at

That's it for today's post. These are going to be huge when they're finally released, and it's refreshing to see Mondo offer so much content in surprisingly large editions. I'll do my best to keep this post updated with release info as it becomes available. And I'd like to give an extra big thanks to everyone who has been reading the the Posterocalypse Tumblr blog. It's been really rewarding, being able to post things so quickly without having to deal with formatting issues to boot - it's the perfect platform for sharing images and videos with a community of like minded folks.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Posterocalypse Tumblr Blog

I created a Tumblr blog last night and I have no idea why (probably peer pressure). All of the important stuff will still go up on, but all of the silly stuff will go there.

Is there anything you want to see on the Tumblr blog?

Friday, July 15, 2011

Gallery 1988's "Crazy 4 Cult 5" Art Exhibit

Well it's been about a week since "Crazy 4 Cult 5" premiered, and now it's time to take a look at Gallery 1988's inventory and see what's left. As a heads up, there's a lot more available than what I'm mentioning here, the posters below just happen to be a few of my favorites.

"1984-1987 at 1988" Art Print
Andrew Wilson
18" x 24"
$70 - Limited to 88
Inspired By: Predator, Goonies, Big Trouble in Little China, and The NeverEnding Story

This poster is a perfect condensation of my childhood. You've got Arnie kicking some Predator ass, a gang of kids set on discovering a long lost treasure, Kurt Russell kicking some mystical wizard ass, and a kid named Bastian riding a dog/dragon/Mr. Snuffleupagus-type creature named Falkor through the sky - yep, the 80s were a strange/awesome period for blockbuster films. To get a better picture of all of the details that went into making "1984-1987 at 1988" such a success, I highly recommend checking out the preliminary digital sketch. The "1984-1987 at 1988" giclee is currently available through the Gallery 1988 website for $70. The signed and numbered poster is limited to an edition of 88 and measures 18" x 24". For more information on artist Andrew Wilson, be sure to visit his blog at

"Coffee Break" Art Print
Pat Kinsella
11" x 14"
$50 - Limited to 55
Inspired By: Ghostbusters

Pat Kinsella really nailed this. All the little details, like the smoking Ghost Trap, the tabletop with the hole blasted through it, and the spilled coffee…everywhere, are what really tell the tale of our lone hero and his previously precarious predicament (yeah I'm a sucker for alliteration). I’ve never wanted a Proton Pack this badly before. Again with the detail, I’m just blown away! The artist was totally able to delineate all of the whirring, buzzing and humming wires, cables and cogs (oh my!). Pat Kinsella's "Coffee Break" art print measures 11" x 14", is limited to an edition of 55 and costs $50. The print is currently available through Gallery 1988 and is signed and numbered. To check out Pat's portfolio and blog head over to Note: I think this piece may have originally been for Gallery 1988's "3G" show, but it's listed in the "Crazy 4 Cult" inventory, so I'm going for it.

"Onda Punk" Art Print
Jay Shaw (Iron Jaiden)
19" x 25"
$30 - Limited to 40
Inspired By: Repo Man

I love Repo Man, it's such a strange combination of genres and seemingly incongruous elements that somehow mesh together to make a zany, fun little piece of 1980s magic. There's a lot of good things I could say about this poster, but I think the artist sums it up best (taken from the Jay's website):
"'A Onda Punk' was the title given to the American film Repo Man for it's release in Brazil. The title literally translates to 'The Wave Punk'. Brazilian film posters of the 60s, 70s and 80s often incorporated very bright colors coupled with absurd imagery. The idea was to make the posters more appealing to young Brazilians than the films themselves. This approach to film advertising was taken because most of the movies released in Brazil during that period were goofy comedies considered culturally harmless by the military dictatorship that ruled the country from 1964 to 1985. A Onda Punk was not released in Brazil until 1986 after the dictatorship fell. Rumor has it the inclusion of the Circle Jerks song 'Coup D'Etat' in the beginning of the film was the primary reason for the delay in release. A Onda Punk was never given a proper poster for it's Brazilian theatrical release so I thought it would be fun to make one now. It features Fox Harris' character, Frank, wearing the grill of the 1964 Malibu as glasses while he drives around Los Angeles."
Bottom line, this is a kick ass screen print at an amazing price by a really talented up and coming artist. Iron Jaiden's "Onda Punk" art print is available through Gallery 1988 for the surprisingly low price of $30. The print measures 19" x 25" and is limited to an edition of 40. To learn more about Jay Shaw (AKA Iron Jaiden) head over to

Suspiria Art Print
Keith Noordzy
13" x 10"
$35 - Limited to 20
Inspired By: Suspira

This one is particularly awesome. I haven't seen Suspiria since I was a little kid obsessed with mutilated corpses and armed with a subscription to Fangoria (that came out a lot creepier than I intended it to be), but I remember how elegantly and stylish was despite my initially low expectations. Pretty impressive. Keith Noordzy has created a wonderful ode to Argento's masterpiece and has somehow captured the spirit of the 70s with this print. Like all of the artwork included in this post, Keith's Suspiria print is available through Gallery 1988's website. The poster is limited to an edition of 20, measures 13" x 10" and costs $35. For more info on Keith Noordzy check out his blog and portfolio at

Conclusion? It's amazingly cool to see "Crazy 4 Cult 5" artwork in the gallery, but if you can't see it in person, at least you and I have a chance to pick up some fantastic prints after the fact. I recommend checking out the rest of Gallery 1988's offerings when you have some time, because there's far more available than what I've included here.

By the way, I just realized this is my 100th post! I think I should buy a poster in celebration, or something.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Rich Kelly's "Bottle Rocket" Movie Poster

UPDATE 2 (7/28): Rich Kelly's APs are now available through his store!

UPDATE 1 (7/15): Sold out! Be sure to keep your eye on Rich Kelly's online storefront, because he may eventually put some APs on there.

Yet another poster that should probably be part of my "Criterion Connection" feature, but I'm (very) lazy, and I want to get this post up before it goes on sale tomorrow (those Criterion posts take me a long time to put together). This print is very easy to like for two main reasons: not only was it created in order to help keep the financially struggling hotel from the film Bottle Rocket open, it also features an amazing design by artist Rich Kelly.

Bottle Rocket Movie Poster
Rich Kelly
18" x 24"
$40 - Limited to 225

It looks like Rich Kelly chose to play this one a little straighter than he's usually apt to do, but there's no denying that this poster was created by an artist who enjoys finding humor and absurdity in his subjects. I think one of the most striking things about this print is Kelly's color palette. Anyone who's ever seen a Wes Anderson film knows the director tends to use bright saturated colors (usually primary) that manage to make everything and everyone pop. Well, it seems Rich rightly caught on to this and has perfectly captured the Anderson aesthetic, and it works marvelously. All in all, this is a wonderful print and puts a smile on my face as I'm reminded of Dignan's (played by Owen Wilson) persistant positivity and his labyrinthine plans for the future.

Rich Kelly's Bottle Rocket movie poster will be available through Mondo at a random time tomorrow (7/15). The poster will cost $40, measures 18" x 24" and is limited to an edition of 225. If you need any help assuaging your guilt in purchasing this print, remember that 15% of the profits will go to saving the Bottle Rocket hotel. That's a worthy cause, right? As usual, for up-to-the-minute release info on anything Mondo, be sure to follow @MondoNews. And if you like Rich Kelly's artwork here you'll love the rest of his work at He also usually release a few APs down the road through his Big Cartel store. Good luck all!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Drew Struzan's "Frankenstein" Movie Poster

UPDATE 1 (9/12): 75 copies of this print will be released during a screening of Frankenstein at the New Beverly in Los Angeles tonight. Each print will cost a total of $285 and will be signed and numbered by Drew Struzan. The print is limited to an edition of 325.

This one has already made the rounds, but it's kind of a big deal (and awesome), so I feel it bears repeating. Drew Struzan, the man behind some of the most iconic movie posters in existence, in collaboration with Mondo, has created a truly brilliant poster for the monster classic Frankenstein.

Frankenstein Movie Poster
Drew Struzan

These guys are certainly doing something right. Not only was Mondo recently contacted by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to archive all of their forthcoming posters, they also got to work with legendary artist Drew Struzan to create the kickass poster you see above. Struzan crafted an insanely beautiful poster for the Karloff-starring Frankenstein that seems to both pay respect to the 1931 film, as well as interpret the movie through a more modern design aesthetic. Using fragments of Dr. Frankenstein and Frankenstein's monster to create a whole person, separating them with the only the tiniest fracture, not only says something about the characters and the schism between them, it also happens to look pretty sharp. I imagine Struzan created this print using his standard airbrush and color pencil method, but even if he didn't, the crazily detailed photo-realistic look of his posters is perfectly retained with his first (of hopefully many) Mondo poster(s).

I don't really have any information on when this poster is going to be released, but I can tell you it's going to be nearly impossible to get a hold of. /Film recently posted a great interview with main Mondo man Justin Ishmael, but one line in the article has me more than a little worried:
"There’s no information yet on price (but it’ll be expensive), edition size (smaller than most) or release date, but that’ll all be announced on @MondoNews very soon."
Why on Earth would they want it to be a smaller edition size than most? You would think a Drew Struzan Mondo screen print would be a great reason to make the edition size larger than most. But who knows, I'm sure Mondo has a good reason, or maybe something was just lost in translation. Either way, I'll definitely be trying to grab one of these and I'll be sure to update this post as I receive more information. To learn more about the amazing Drew Struzan, I recommend visiting his portfolio at, but even more so I'd advise you to pick up the amazing book The Art of Drew Struzan.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Artoyz and Geek-Art's "Blockbusterz" Art Exhibit

It seems "Crazy 4 Cult" isn't the only game in town* this week after all. Artoyz, a French retailer of cool figures, prints and paintings, and Geek-Art, a blog (also French) dedicated to all things geeky and artistic, have joined forces to curate an awesome show titled, "Blockbusterz." The show is meant as a celebration of all those big, massive, explosion-filled summer epics that we just can't seem to get enough of. Every artist involved was asked to create a piece of art dedicated to one of his or her favorite summer blockbusters. The show has already premiered, so I'm sure these images are already all over the Internet, but I wanted to go over some of the giclées that are still available for purchase through the Artoyz store. One thing to remember before purchasing: all of these prints are shipping from France, so it might be pretty expensive to get one of these over the pond. Enjoy!

Captain America Art Print
 Sam Filstrup
30 cm x 40 cm
30 € (≈ $43) - Limited to 10
Inspired By: Captain America: The First Avenger (2010)

Did I mention artists could also create artwork based on yet to be released summer blockbusters? I love the propaganda-type design that Sam Filstrup created, with its sharp angles and sinister looking enemies. The Captain American art print measures 30 cm by 40 cm, is limited to an edition of ten (in other words, super limited), and will cost 30 € (approximately $43). It should also be noted that this artwork won't actually ship until September, so you're in for a bit of a wait. If you do like this print, I highly recommend picking it up before they're sold out. To learn more about the artist Sam Filstrup, visit his portfolio at

X-Men Art Print
Leigh Wortley
30 cm x 40 cm
30 € (≈ $43) - Limited to 10
Inspired By: X-Men (2000)

I really, really like this one. Wow, I'm definitely playing the Marvel fanboy today, aren't I? From the amazing and badass depiction of Magneto to the beautiful silhouette of the New York City skyline, Leigh Wortley's design is a lesson in style and class. The abalone-esque color expertly used to flesh out these mutant entities really works for me as well, although I have no idea why. Leigh's X-Men poster measures 30 cm by 40 cm, is limited to an edition of 10 and will cost 30 €. Head over to the Artoyz store to pick this one up before it disappears. Check out to learn more about this awesome artist.

Predator Art Print
Steve Thomas
30 cm x 40 cm
25.08 € (≈ $36) - Limited to 10
Inspired By: Predator (1987)

Predator is my favorite action movie all time. That's just a fact. And this is one of the coolest minimalist Predator-related prints I've ever seen. This print is absolutely dying to be a tattoo or a decal on a fighter jet (I'm fine with either). Steve Thomas' Predator art print is currently available, like everything listed in this post, through the Artoyz website. The poster is limited to 10, measures 30 cm by 40 cm, and costs 25.08 € (that's about $36). To see more of Steve's artwork, visit

Gladiator Art Print
Guillaume Singelin
30 cm x 40 cm
25.08 € (≈ $36) - Limited to 10
Inspired By: Gladiator (2000)

This print is beautiful, gorgeous, badass, and fantastic. Did I mention this was badass? I remember seeing Gladiator in the theaters (it was that or Mr. Bean - the choice was easy), and being completely blown away by how brutal and awesomely filmed the combat was. This poster perfectly captures the intensity of that opening battle to a T! Guillaume Singelin's amazing Gladiator print measures 30 cm by 40 cm, costs 25.08 €, and is limited to an edition of 10. I have a feeling this will be a quick seller. The poster is currently available through the Artoyz online store. Check out Guillaume's blog (warning: it's in French) at to see more of his work.

The Omen Art Print
Anne Viouly
30 cm x 40 cm
25.08 € (≈ $36) - Limited to 10
Inspired By: The Omen (1976)

Finally, we come to Anne Viouly's The Omen-inspired art print. I think I like this one so much because it reminds me of what a really messed-up version of The Triplets of Belleville would look like. A great piece artwork based on a movie or television show, in my opinion, has the power to ignite your interest in watching said movie or television show, and that's exactly what Viouly's print does for me. The Omen print is currently available through the Artoyz website, measures 30 cm by 40 cm, is limited to an edition of 10, and costs 25.08 €. Grab'em while they're still available. To learn more about Anne Viouly and her artwork, visit (this one is also in French).

And that's it. To see what else is available from the show (and there's a lot more available) be sure to visit the Artoyz website at I also highly recommend checking out the Geek-Art blog at

* And by "town" I mean the whole of Earth, because technically, since I'm writing this in Los Angeles, "Crazy 4 Cult" sort of is the only game in town. Technically speaking of course.

Jeff Proctor's "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" Movie Poster

UPDATE: All sold out folks! Be sure to visit Jeff Proctor's blog, he may release some APs down the road.

Angered by all of the attention given to "Crazy 4 Cult 5" this week (every word prior to this parenthetical statement is false), Mondo has decided to release a gorgeous Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie poster by one of my favorite artists, Jeff Proctor. I think you'll agree that this may well be Proctor's best poster effort to date and has solidified in my mind just how talented the guy is.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
Jeff Proctor
24" x 36"
$40 - Limited to 345

This poster is truly a horrifying spectacle. I love the fact that Proctor decided to use the victim's point of view as she faces the infamous Leatherface in a very one-sided battle. The bloodied arm, complete with flayed skin and serrated carpals, is at once captivating and repulsive. And the yellow Texan sky, very eerie. It's actually kind of perfect, because I'm reading Shock Value right now, which is pretty much an Easy Riders, Raging Bulls-type book, but for horror movies, and it includes a section that chronicles the creation of Tobe Hooper's Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

This poster will go on sale tomorrow, or rather later today (7/8) at a random time through Mondo. If you aren't already, you should definitely be following @MondoNews for all of the release details. Proctor's Texas Chainsaw Massacre poster measures 24" x 36", is limited to an edition of 345 and will cost $40. If you aren't lucky enough to grab one in the morn, be sure to check out Jeff Proctor's blog at for some possibly upcoming APs. You should probably head over to his store as well, you know, just 'cause.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Gallery 1988's "Crazy 4 Cult 5" Preview

UPDATE 1 (8/5): Joshua Budich's "Marla Variant" of his Fight Club print is available through his store right now! The print measures 18″ x 24″, is limited to an edition of 75  and only costs $40. Pick one up before they run out.

With the "Crazy 4 Cult 5" show only a few days away now, I think it's safe to say the Internet is in full on excitement / hysteria mode. In an attempt to add fuel to the fire, I wanted to go over some of my favorite pieces I've seen previewed so far. The vast majority, if not all of the images in this post, were found at /FILM. These will all be available during the show's premiere on Friday (7/8) night, and who knows, maybe a few will be available after, either through Gallery 1988's site or the artist's.

"Crazy 4 Cult 5: I'm Too Old for This Shit" Show Poster
Alex Pardee

I thought I'd start with the show poster itself. I think this may be my favorite "Crazy 4 Cult" poster yet, although Mike Mitchell's print from last year was pretty great as well. The thing I like most about these images, besides the crazy amount of skill involved, is the sheer quantity of movie characters present. I mean, you've got Jason, Freddy, Robocop, It, the Fly - there's just so much going on. The planning it must take to get so much content onto such a small canvas always impresses me. This poster will definitely be available at the show, and very likely after the show on Gallery 1988's website To learn more about the artist Alex Pardee, head over to his blog and website at

Fight Club Movie Poster
Joshua Budich
24" x 36"
Limited to 100

Joshua Budich has completed yet another killer poster, this time for the 1999 classic Fight Club. This poster is perfect in all the right ways and includes some fantastic little details from the film (e.g., the in-flight safety card, the narrator's power animal, and of course the "Bob" name tag). I'm not sure if this, his O Brother poster, or his Pulp Fiction poster is my favorite, but I can say without any uncertainty that this is one of his best and is sure to sell out quickly. Joshua Budich's Fight Club poster measures 24" x 36" and is limited to an edition of 100. The poster will be available for purchase at the show on Friday (7/8), but a few will also be available through Joshua's website after the show. To see the rest of Joshua Budich's work visit

"Rubber" Art Print
Alex Pardee
Inspired By: Rubber

Huzzah! I can't believe Rubber has finally made it to the hallowed grounds of "Crazy 4 Cult," and it's an Alex Pardee piece to boot. I guess I can't really be shocked; it does have the word "cult" in the title of the show after all. If you haven't seen this movie, please stream or buy it right this second. Rubber is bizarre, clever, and most importantly a fun deconstruction of cinema's language. Oh yeah, and it's about a sentient, telekinetic tire named Robert who can explode people - that too.  I know this sort of artwork probably has a rather small target audience, but I pray that this will be a print (rather than a one off) and I'll be able to get it online at some point after the show. If you'd like to Pardee on (even I know that was lame) be sure to visit

"They Live" Art Print
Andrew DeGraff
Inspired By: They Live

For me, this is essentially a picture of an action figure from the 1980s I never knew I wanted. Andrew DeGraff's They Live art print is awesome and hilarious in equal parts, much like John Carpenter's 1988 film. Our favorite bubblegum chewing, ass kicking hero, George Nada, is sporting both the "Rowdy" Roddy Piper-approved kilt and the formaldehyde face visage - some may say fashion faux pas, I say brilliant! To check out more Andrew DeGraff artwork be sure to visit his blog and portfolio at

"Room 237" Art Print
Tom Whalen
16.9" x 22.5"
Limited to 80
Inspired By: The Shining

Finally, we come to Tom Whalen's amazing Shining-inspired print, titled "Room 237." It's not a "Crazy 4 Cult" show unless there's at least one piece of awesome artwork based on a Stanley Kubrick film. Whalen brings his characteristically clean lines to this print, but there's also a sense of chaos and asymmetry in the design, at least more so than in his previous work. I especially enjoy the barely visible typing that seems to be hiding just beyond your vision. Tom Whalen's "Room 237" print will measure 16.9" x 22.5" and will be limited to an edition of 80. If you'd like to learn more about Tom Whalen be sure to check out his growing portfolio at

And that's it. I hope everyone who has a chance to check out this show has a great time and picks up some beautiful artwork. Be sure to visit Gallery 1988's website for more information on this barmy, beautiful thing known as "Crazy 4 Cult."