Friday, February 15, 2013

Heads Up: Jay Shaw's "The Amityville Horror" Movie Poster

I hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day, but now we're moving on to the important stuff. The really, really important stuff. I'm of course talking about Skuzzles' latest print release, which aims to commemorate the Lutz family's trial of terrors experienced circa 1979. And what better way to celebrate the original Amityville Horror than by letting artist Jay Shaw take a stab at it. Wouldn't you know it, Jay has designed an absolutely stunning poster that creatively captures the film's descent into madness. The artist discussing his process (taken from the Skuzzles blog):
"As you know I tend to follow the Polish school of poster design so my stuff is usually very conceptual and a bit weird. I'm not a big fan of obvious design. I also like strong central images on top of stark backgrounds. To me you get the most visual punch doing things that way.
Out of the chimney is pouring a highly detailed smokey ectoplasm that makes up George's face. Replacing George's eyes are the infamous windows that serve as the house's eyes. The idea here is that George is becoming the evil that is the house. It's also a nod to his incessant 'chill' and need to stack log after log into the fireplace."
Also, I freaking love the retro title typography.

The Amityville Horror Movie Poster (Regular)
Jay Shaw
18" x 24" (Screen Print) - Signed and Numbered
$35 - Limited to 100
Inspired By: The Amityville Horror (1979)

The Amityville Horror Movie Poster (Glow in the Dark Variant)
Jay Shaw
18" x 24" (GID Screen Print) - Signed and Numbered
$45 - Limited to 50
Inspired By: The Amityville Horror (1979)

The Amityville Horror Movie Poster (Wood Variant)
Jay Shaw
18" x 24" (Screen Printed Wood) - Signed and Numbered
$90 - Limited to 18
Inspired By: The Amityville Horror (1979)

All three versions of Jay Shaw's The Amityville Horror poster will be available on Friday (2/15) at 12 PM Eastern (9 AM for us West Coasters) through Skuzzles. The regular edition is limited to 100 for $35, the glow in the dark variant is limited to 50 for $45, and the incredibly rare screen printed maple wood version is limited to 18 for $90 apiece. To see more of Mr. Shaw's work, head over to and follow @tweetofnonsense on Twitter. For more info about Skuzzles, be sure to sign up for their mailing list and follow @skuzzlescan on Twitter.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Heads Up: Francesco Francavilla's "Friday the 13th" Movie Poster

While the next Friday the 13th doesn't arrive until September, you've got to hand it to the folks at Mondo for announcing Francavilla's poster on, of all days, the 13th. (Wednesday the 13th to be exact.) And I think it goes without saying that we're all a little better off for not having to wait seven more months to get our hands on this killer print. I'm actually reminded of Olly Moss' spectacular Evil Dead design, but with the sentient / strategically trimmed branches turned to eleven. Ladies and / or gentlemen, if you've been looking for that perfect Valentine's Day gift for your significant other, you've just found it. Nothing says eternal love and commitment like an ominous skull-shaped thicket.

Friday the 13th Movie Poster
Francesco Francavilla
24" x 36" (Screen Print) - Numbered
$45 - Limited to 345

Francavilla's Friday the 13th print will be available on Thursday (2/14) at a random time through Mondo's site. The poster measures 24" x 36" and is limited to an edition of 345. For more info on the artist, head over to and follow @f_francavilla on Twitter.