Friday, July 8, 2011

Artoyz and Geek-Art's "Blockbusterz" Art Exhibit

It seems "Crazy 4 Cult" isn't the only game in town* this week after all. Artoyz, a French retailer of cool figures, prints and paintings, and Geek-Art, a blog (also French) dedicated to all things geeky and artistic, have joined forces to curate an awesome show titled, "Blockbusterz." The show is meant as a celebration of all those big, massive, explosion-filled summer epics that we just can't seem to get enough of. Every artist involved was asked to create a piece of art dedicated to one of his or her favorite summer blockbusters. The show has already premiered, so I'm sure these images are already all over the Internet, but I wanted to go over some of the giclées that are still available for purchase through the Artoyz store. One thing to remember before purchasing: all of these prints are shipping from France, so it might be pretty expensive to get one of these over the pond. Enjoy!

Captain America Art Print
 Sam Filstrup
30 cm x 40 cm
30 € (≈ $43) - Limited to 10
Inspired By: Captain America: The First Avenger (2010)

Did I mention artists could also create artwork based on yet to be released summer blockbusters? I love the propaganda-type design that Sam Filstrup created, with its sharp angles and sinister looking enemies. The Captain American art print measures 30 cm by 40 cm, is limited to an edition of ten (in other words, super limited), and will cost 30 € (approximately $43). It should also be noted that this artwork won't actually ship until September, so you're in for a bit of a wait. If you do like this print, I highly recommend picking it up before they're sold out. To learn more about the artist Sam Filstrup, visit his portfolio at

X-Men Art Print
Leigh Wortley
30 cm x 40 cm
30 € (≈ $43) - Limited to 10
Inspired By: X-Men (2000)

I really, really like this one. Wow, I'm definitely playing the Marvel fanboy today, aren't I? From the amazing and badass depiction of Magneto to the beautiful silhouette of the New York City skyline, Leigh Wortley's design is a lesson in style and class. The abalone-esque color expertly used to flesh out these mutant entities really works for me as well, although I have no idea why. Leigh's X-Men poster measures 30 cm by 40 cm, is limited to an edition of 10 and will cost 30 €. Head over to the Artoyz store to pick this one up before it disappears. Check out to learn more about this awesome artist.

Predator Art Print
Steve Thomas
30 cm x 40 cm
25.08 € (≈ $36) - Limited to 10
Inspired By: Predator (1987)

Predator is my favorite action movie all time. That's just a fact. And this is one of the coolest minimalist Predator-related prints I've ever seen. This print is absolutely dying to be a tattoo or a decal on a fighter jet (I'm fine with either). Steve Thomas' Predator art print is currently available, like everything listed in this post, through the Artoyz website. The poster is limited to 10, measures 30 cm by 40 cm, and costs 25.08 € (that's about $36). To see more of Steve's artwork, visit

Gladiator Art Print
Guillaume Singelin
30 cm x 40 cm
25.08 € (≈ $36) - Limited to 10
Inspired By: Gladiator (2000)

This print is beautiful, gorgeous, badass, and fantastic. Did I mention this was badass? I remember seeing Gladiator in the theaters (it was that or Mr. Bean - the choice was easy), and being completely blown away by how brutal and awesomely filmed the combat was. This poster perfectly captures the intensity of that opening battle to a T! Guillaume Singelin's amazing Gladiator print measures 30 cm by 40 cm, costs 25.08 €, and is limited to an edition of 10. I have a feeling this will be a quick seller. The poster is currently available through the Artoyz online store. Check out Guillaume's blog (warning: it's in French) at to see more of his work.

The Omen Art Print
Anne Viouly
30 cm x 40 cm
25.08 € (≈ $36) - Limited to 10
Inspired By: The Omen (1976)

Finally, we come to Anne Viouly's The Omen-inspired art print. I think I like this one so much because it reminds me of what a really messed-up version of The Triplets of Belleville would look like. A great piece artwork based on a movie or television show, in my opinion, has the power to ignite your interest in watching said movie or television show, and that's exactly what Viouly's print does for me. The Omen print is currently available through the Artoyz website, measures 30 cm by 40 cm, is limited to an edition of 10, and costs 25.08 €. Grab'em while they're still available. To learn more about Anne Viouly and her artwork, visit (this one is also in French).

And that's it. To see what else is available from the show (and there's a lot more available) be sure to visit the Artoyz website at I also highly recommend checking out the Geek-Art blog at

* And by "town" I mean the whole of Earth, because technically, since I'm writing this in Los Angeles, "Crazy 4 Cult" sort of is the only game in town. Technically speaking of course.

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