Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Stanley Kubrick-Inspired Movie Posters by Adam Maida

I promise this is my last Stanley Kubrick-related post of the week. I found these gorgeous images today and was completely floored. I'll start with the most recent one and work my way back from there. If you're a lover of Kubrick, then you'll no doubt be in paradise for the next several minutes.

The Shining

I found this one by way of the Minimalist Movie Posters blog (which actually led me to the artist's Tumblr page, where I saw the rest of his Kubrick work) and found myself quite liking it. Is it weird that something can make you think of Christmas (the green and the red), while also conjuring images of blood, murder and insanity? The type and color Adam used for The Shining title is pitch perfect, and the dark red on lighter red color scheme really conveys the chaos and menace that this movie exudes. Unfortunately, this poster is not currently available for purchase (the next two are though), but I'm sure we'll be seeing this in his Etsy store at some point in the near future.

2001: A Space Odyssey

Here's a retro take on Kubrick's science fiction spectacle 2001: A Space Odyssey. Maida's 2001 poster has a very cool 60's look, similar to the now very recognizable Saul Bass aesthetic. He totally nailed the astronaut and the antiseptic paranoia that HAL 9000 and the vacuous void of space create. Unlike the previously mentioned Shining poster, Adam Maida's 2001 poster can be purchased and only costs $25 through his Etsy store. The poster measures 18" x 24" and appears to be an open edition. And on a completely separate note, the 2001 Blu-ray is one of the most beautiful transfers I've ever seen - it looks like it could have been filmed yesterday.

A Clockwork Orange

This is my second favorite Kubrick film after Dr. Strangelove. A Clockwork Orange somehow still manages to shock me every time and watching a hungry, intense Malcom McDowell is always a treat. Here Adam has taken advantage of, and reinterpreted, the iconic shot of the young, criminally reprehensible Alex, fake lashes and all. This poster isn't bursting with detail or brimming with double-meanings, but it's a very fitting representation of Kubrick's sometimes disturbing, always darkly comedic vision. This poster is also available as an 18" x 24" print for $25 through Adam's Etsy store. Be sure to visit his blog to see even more of his stylish artwork and if you're a fan of The Royal Tenenbaums, Adam has a created some really great movie posters in honor of one of my favorite dysfunctional families.

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