Friday, March 4, 2011

"Moon" & "Source Code" Movie Posters by Olly Moss

The following two prints are already all over the Internet, but I had to write about them because they're a poster lover's dream come true. The incredibly talented Duncan Jones (son of androgynous rock star David Bowie), director of the incredible Moon and the upcoming Source Code, and Olly Moss (not the son of androgynous rock star David Bowie), poster boy of the poster world, have come together to create something beautiful...something very, very beautiful. Continuing their excellent Director's Series, Mondo will be releasing not one, but two, Olly Moss posters inspired by the films of Duncan Jones. Commence communal frothing at the mouth.


Moon was easily one of the best films of 2009. I had to go to my local independent theater to see it originally, but wow, was it worth it! It totally works as both a brilliant, mind-bending sci-fi story, and as a beautiful one man performance piece. As usual, the keen eye of Olly Moss was able to take what was so great about the original movie poster by All City Media, featuring an already minimalist design, and reduce it to it's barest essentials, while also keeping the tone and the message of the film firmly in tact. The 16" x 24" Moon poster by Olly Moss will be released at SXSW in Austin next week, and whatever is left over (if anything is left over) will be available at Mondo's website. The poster will cost $35 and is limited to an edition of 250. Be sure to follow @MondoNews to keep up with their release schedule.

Source Code

Out of these two posters, I think my favorite has to be Olly's Source Code print. It reminds me of what a one sheet would like for a classic spy film, maybe one of the numerous James Bond flicks. It's not like I need another reason to go see this film, but this poster certainly doesn't hurt. Thankfully Olly has once again met the high expectations we have set for him and has delivered a wonderfully clever design. The railroad tracks that act as both a literal railway, and as the outline of a clock, illustrate perfectly why Moss is the master of minimalism. I want to see this movie and this poster (in person) so badly. Like Olly's Moon poster, the Source Code print is being released at SXSW next week and any remaining prints will be available through Mondo's store. Interested in more Olly goodness? Check out his BigCartel store, blog and Twitter. The poster measures 16" x 24", is limited to an edition of 200 and will cost $35. If you'd like to know more about Duncan Jones, head over to his blog at or follow him @ManMadeMoon.

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  1. Hello, I realize you arent likely to have an answer, but since the subject is movie posters, & Sourcecode. We just watched the film, & theres a scene in which a "presumably fictitious movie poster is shown. 58 Teeth is the title. If fictitious these types of product placements are usually nods to someone personally involved with the film(s). Any Clues?


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