Tuesday, March 8, 2011

PaleyFest Posters Curated by Gallery 1988 Part 2

As promised, here are a few more of the beautiful PaleyFest posters.

Parks & Recreation - Mike Mitchell

Does this poster remind you of anything? If you rudely shouted out, "Casablanca!" Without raising your hand, you're right. Well done Mr. Manners. Mike Mitchell, an artist whose poster work I've proudly hung on my wall before, was tasked with creating an image honoring one of the best television comedies on air right now, Parks & Recreation, and has surpassed even my highest expectations. I love, love, love that he decided to place Nick Offerman's Ron Swanson (easily the best character on the show) in the forefront. It's a tie between Danger's The Walking Dead and Mitchell's Parks & Recreation, but this poster is definitely in my top two of the bunch. The poster will be available for purchase on site at PaleyFest tomorrow (3/9) and the remaining stock will be available through Gallery 1988's site. Head over to Mike Mitchell's website and store to be amazed.

Eastbound & Down - Derek Deal

I had never heard of Derek Deal until today, but after looking at his site and perusing his store, I'm the better for it (check out his Wilhelm Scream gig posters)! Derek pays tribute to what is without a doubt, one of the craziest, most in-your-face, badass, selfish assholes around - Kenny Powers. I haven't caught the second season of this show yet, but I do own the first season and play it whenever I want to laugh or am feeling particularly mean spirited (this show is mean - that's one of the reasons I love it). This poster pretty much says it all, it's loud (green and yellow), it's made to look like a baseball card and it's literally flipping the bird at the viewer - perfection, thy name is this poster. Again, make sure to check out Derek's site and store for some great artwork, and be sure to regularly visit the G1988 blog for online release details. This poster will be sold at PaleyFest on Thursday (3/10) and whatever is left will be sold through Gallery 1988.

Freaks and Geeks / Undeclared - Phantom City Creative

I feel like it was just yesterday that Phantom City Creative was a brand spanking new design studio and now they're all over the place! First, my congrats go to Phantom City Creative for putting out some of the coolest and prettiest poster designs in recent memory. And second, my congrats (again) go out to Phantom City Creative for doing an amazing job on this Freaks & Geeks / Undeclared poster. I really like how the artist tinted this image with green and yellow, it reminds me of an old photograph that's lost some color with age or sun damage, but is far from forgotten. Be sure to check out the Phantom City Creative website, as well as their Etsy store. By the way, have you seen what they've done for Twitch? It's fairly awesome! This poster will be available at PaleyFest on Saturday (3/12) and will probably be on sale the following day at Gallery 1988's store.

That's all folks. When the Glee poster is unveiled, depending on if anything else big is hitting that day, I may or may not do a part 3. Have a great night!

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