Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dan Sherrat's "Goodfellas" Movie Poster

I came across this poster earlier today thanks to my handy dandy RSS reader and immediately fell in love. Now I’ll freely admit that Goodfellas isn't my favorite Scorsese film (I’m more partial to Taxi Driver and Casino), but it’s still a fantastic film and is obviously the work of a master filmmaker. I’ve written about the talented Mr. Sherrat before, but I’m more than happy to write about him again, as he’s clearly a superbly talented chap.


In an alternate universe, if Goodfellas was an animated feature, and Scorsese was some sort of bizarro Miyazaki who only worked on animated gangster films, this is exactly what the film’s poster would have looked like. Alright, so I may have gone off the reservation a bit on that one, but a man can dream. Dan has done a great job recreating the dichotomy between the naive daydreams of a mobster-obsessed teen using Ray Liotta’s aspirational narration, and the dark, bloody underbelly of the violent and uncontrollable reality of crime with the dark and oh so bloody pistol. Alright, it’s official, I’m most likely reading way too much into this. Bottom line, this is a stunning poster, and if you’re anything like me, you can’t wait to hang this on your wall.

Dan Sherrat's Goodfellas poster is available through his Shop Reworking Titles blog for £20 (roughly $32). The poster measure 594 mm x 420 mm (or 23.4" x 16.5" for US readers), and from what I can tell does not appear to be a limited edition or screen print. Be sure to check out Shop Reworking Titles for more prints and his Eat Sleep Live Film feature, where he talks about a few of his designs. It looks like he also hosts a portfolio of his work at heartstrand.co.uk.

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