Friday, February 18, 2011

Derek Gabryszak's "Maniac" Movie Poster

We'll now be leaving the safe and comfortable surroundings of the grand Hollywood spectacles of yesteryear and point our gaze toward the uninviting urban war zone of 1980s New York City. Yep, we're returning to the scene of the crime that is William Lustig's Maniac. Artist Derek Gabryszak has created a wonderful ode to disturbed serial killer (is there any other kind?) Frank Zito. I first heard about Derek when he released some very neat True Romance prints a while back and am excited to see him now delving into some meaty grindhouse films.

I'm a big fan of Derek's approach here. It has a photographic quality, but also a sketchy (literally) outline of a rather porn-esque looking Joe Spinell creepily holding a stuffed toy bear (emphasis on the 'creepily'). I think the drawn outline really digs into Frank's clearly unstable psyche and transforms it into a tangible thing. And if you haven't spotted it already (you may need to click on the image in order to see it), there's a scathing / awesome quote from Gene Siskel that's sure to encourage gorehounds the world over - it's a very nice addition.

This poster was created by Derek Gabryszak as part of Coolidge Corner Theatre's "@fter Midnight" film series, and who will continue to work with Coolidge as the series continues. The hand pulled Maniac movie print measures 24" x 36", consists of 2 colors and is out of an edition of 125. The poster will be available at the theater THIS weekend, but starting Monday (2/21) can be bought at the artist's poster shop through Have a great weekend everybody!

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