Monday, March 11, 2013

Nicholas Forker's "Eephus Pitch" Art Print

While this isn't necessarily movie related, I was just too enamored with Nicholas Forker's print to not spread the word. "Eephus Pitch" is an eye-catching work of art that effortlessly blends the nostalgic with the otherworldly and is clearly something of a stunner.

"Eephus Pitch" Art Print
Nicholas Forker
18" x 24" (Hand Embellished Screen Print) - Signed and Numbered with CoA
$75 - Limited to 40

Nicholas Forker on his "Eephus Pitch" print (taken from the 1xRun product page):
"I based this image off of performance test photos for the Mark IV suit proposed to the US Government by B.F. Goodrich. I thought their using baseball to demonstrate the flexibility of the suit iconic and sentimental. Astronauts were in my estimation the perfect semiotic metaphor for the narrative of the United States in the late 20th century. Watching us go from JFK's '...We choose to do these things not because they are easy but because they are hard...' to watching trans-generational pirates nearly bankrupt this country with corporate avarice. This image of the hero, the adventurer, an important symbol of human potential is relevant in summarizing in image recent history with an eye on the future."
And here's the photograph "Eephus Pitch" is based on.

Mark IV Suit Test Photo

Nicholas Forker's "Eephus Pitch" art print is currently available through 1xRun's website for $75. The poster measures 18" x 24" and is limited to an edition of 40. For more info the artist, be sure to visit and follow @nicholasforker on Twitter.

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