Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Write Up: Christopher Lee's "Ghostbusters" Movie Poster

I first found out about this print a few hours ago and haven't been able to think of much else since. If you enjoyed Christopher Lee's midi-chlorian-filled Star Wars poster series as much as I did, then you're sure to be wowed by his spectacularly playful Ghostbusters artwork. Don't believe me? I'll go ahead and refer you to the image below, thank you very much!

Ghostbusters Movie Poster
Christopher Lee
16" x 20" (Giclée) - Signed and Numbered
Price TBD - Limited to 100

Lee's cartoony Schoolhouse-Rock-meets-the-films-that-shaped-our-childhood aesthetic is the perfect fit for a movie that features a monstrous marshmallow man of the Stay Puft variety, and lines like, "Is it just a mist, or does it have arms and legs?" Ghostbusters, with all of its crazy set pieces and strange creatures, really encourages an everything but the kitchen sink approach, and it looks as if artist Chris Lee has impressively risen to the challenge (which is no small feat considering how difficult it must be to balance the desire to include everything you want in there while also making sure the overall design doesn't become too convoluted.) And is it just me, or does this poster totally make anyone else want to watch the animated Real Ghostbusters? I miss that show! Ultimately, Christopher's Ghostbusters print is an easy recommendation for me to make, given the poster's adherence to the film's antic and fantastical tone, and the top-notch artistry on display. Oh yeah, and I love the cleverly placed ECTO-1 license plate - what a nice touch!

I don't have an exact release date for these prints, but you can be sure I'll update this post once Chris spreads the word. In the meantime, you can learn more about Mr. Lee by visiting thebeastisback.com and following him on Twitter @thebeast_isback.

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