Sunday, August 5, 2012

Heads Up: DoomCMYK's "3 2 1 Let's Jam" Art Print

If you read the phrase "3 2 1 let's jam" and immediately thought of one of anime's most lauded series, then congrats, you and I can officially be friends. DoomCMYK has created a fantastic ode to Cowboy Bebop, with what looks like a bit of Daft Punk / Tron: Legacy added for good measure. Seeing this print reminds me of how few Cowboy Bebop posters I've seen at all. What gives Internet? Get on that!

"3 2 1 Let's Jam" Art Print
DoomCMYK (Robert Mangaoang)
18" x 24" (Giclée) - Signed and Numbered
$27.99 - Limited to 30
Inspired By: Cowboy Bebop

You can purchase DoomCMYK's Bebop inspired "3 2 1 Let's Jam" art print through his Etsy store for $27.99. The poster measures 18" x 24" and is limited to a tiny edition of 30. To learn more about DoomCMYK, check out and follow him on Twitter @Doom_CMYK. Somehow a post about Cowboy Bebop doesn't feel right without this bit of video...

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