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Gallery 1988's "Suspense & Gallows Humor" Art Show

I was really tempted to queue up for Gallery 1988's "Suspense & Gallows Humor" show a few Fridays ago (4/13), so much so, that I told several co-workers I was DEFINITELY going. Alas, I got talked into seeing The Cabin in the Woods with some friends (seriously, go watch this movie folks - it's amazing) and missed out on what looked to be an incredible opening night. What could be better than a room full of artwork inspired by the legendary Alfred Hitchcock? Not much. I've since made the trek to Venice and it was glorious. If, like me, you didn't (or couldn't) make it to the show, but still wanted to pick up some beautiful Hitchcockian artwork, I've created today's post as a guide or rather a list of my top five suggestions on what to buy. Note: As of this writing all of the prints listed below are still available for purchase, meaning I'm not able to pimp Ghoulish Gary Pullin's amazing (but already sold out) Psycho inspired poster, except that I kind of already did by mentioning it just now, didn't I? Weird. Enjoy!

“Where's Alfred Hitchcock?” Art Print
Derek Eads
18" x 30" - Numbered
$45 - Limited to 50

Alfred Hitchcock, or as I like to think of him, the director who photo-bombed his own work way before it was cool or recognized as a meme (like way, way, way before), was certainly no stranger to the cameo. Alright, I guess he wasn't technically "photo-bombing," since that term usually implies some sort of negative effect (often of the hilarious variety) on the photo in question and the suggestion of spontaneity, but there's no denying he enjoyed popping up in his own cinematic creations. Taking full advantage of this fact, artist Derek Eads exquisitely illustrated many of Alfred's appearances in an appropriately classy black and white. I can't imagine these will be around for too much longer, so my advice would be to act fast and pick one up now. Derek Eads' "Where's Alfred Hitchcock?" print is currently available through Gallery 1988's online storefront for $45. The three-color screenprint measures 18" x 30 and is limited to an edition of 50. To learn more about artist Derek Eads, be sure to visit his Tumblr page and follow him on Twitter @Derek_Eads. And for those of you who are interested in learning more about Hitchcock's cameos, there's a fairly comprehensive list with pictures at

“Oh God, Mother! Blood! Blood!” Art Print
Joshua Budich
24" x 36" - Signed and Numbered
$50 - Limited to 100
Inspired By: Psycho

If you've visited Posterocalypse in the last week, month, or year, then you'll already know I really dig this Joshua Budich fellow. His tightly constructed assemblage of illustrations plays like a cinematic "Best Of" and shares many similarities with the picturesque work of Martin Ansin, Grzegorz Domaradzki and Tyler Stout. Joshua's "Oh God, Mother! Blood! Blood!" provides a truly terrifying and visceral take on Hitchcock's Psycho, and much like his recent "Brutally Cool" print, uses a few strategically placed splashes of color to highlight the story's violence and dysfunction. Budich's "Oh God, Mother! Blood! Blood!" poster is currently available for $50. The print measures 24" x 36", is signed and numbered, and is limited to an edition of 100. If you'd like to read more about Joshua, head over to and follow him on Twitter @jbudich.

“Blood Stained Blues” Art Print
Mayra Fersner
12.5" x 19" - Signed and Numbered
$25 - Limited to 25
Inspired By: Stage Fright

Mayra Fersner is an artist that I've been consistently in awe of since first discovering (and then immediately purchasing) her Network print from the Kingdom of Nonsense curated Sidney Lumet tribute show. Her prints are often dark in theme and feel right at home in Hitchcock's wicked world of paranoia and double-crossings, two elements that have played a large part in the master director's filmography. Mayra's "Blood Stained Blues" Stage Fright poster celebrates one of Hitchcock's lesser known works (that clicking noise you heard was me adding the film to my Netflix queue), and successfully manages to evoke the fear and lunacy that to go hand-in-hand with Hitch's penchant for intricately plotted murder mysteries. Here's what Mayra had to say about the poster (taken from her blog):
"I have been really excited and looking forward to sharing the print I designed for this show. I wanted to base my design on one of his more obscure films. Due to the fact that I am a huge Marlene Dietrich fan, I knew I wanted to pick Stage Fright."
Mayra Fersner's "Blood Stained Blues" poster is currently available through Gallery 1988 for $25. The movie print measures 12.6" x 19" and is limited to an edition of 25. To see more of Mayra's work, head over to and follow her @HagCult.

"We're All Born Accompanists" Art Print
Alex Todaro
18" x 24" - Signed and Numbered
$40 - Limited to 51
Inspired By: Lifeboat

Alex Todaro's "We're All Born Accompanists" is easily the most abstract poster in this selection of striking artwork, and that's one of the things that really attracted me to it. To be fair, I'm also head over heels for its kaleidoscopic interpretation of the sea. And I'm incredibly impressed with its surprisingly diverse monochromatic palette, which goes a long way in capturing the film's spectacular black and white photography. Alex Todaro's "We're All Born Accompanists" print is available through Gallery 1988's online storefront for $40. The screen print measures 18" x 24", is signed and numbered, and is limited to an edition of 51. To check out more of Alex's artwork, head over to and follow him on Twitter @__Todaro.

“Presents” Art Print
Jessica Deahl
12" x 18" - Signed and Numbered
$30 - Limited to 60

I'm not completely sure what it is about Jessica Deahl's "Presents" print, but it just works for me. On second thought, maybe this poster is the most abstract of the bunch. If I had to try and assign meaning to it, I'd guess that the massive swirly hair ball represents Hitchcock's mind and the red ink that's shaped like a bloody mass of his iconic creations represents his imagination. That sounds good, right? Or maybe it's just a reference to his television show Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Or both? Who knows? One thing I do know, is that the nice thing about writing your own blog is you don't need to try and assign meaning to everything, so I'm just going to go with: I really, really like this poster and I hope you do too. Deahl's "Presents" print is currently available for a super low $30 through Gallery 1988's website. The poster measures 12" x 18" and is limited to an edition of 60. To learn more about the artist, visit

That's it folks! Thanks for your time and goodnight...or good morning.

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