Friday, May 25, 2012

Nakatomi's Mystery Tube Sale

I don't have much time to wax on about the Nakatomi Mystery Tube Sale, because, in case you weren't aware, it starts in less than two hours (as of this writing), but I had to share the good news with somebody. Nakatomi's Mystery Tube Sale, or as it's better known - the best way to get out of print / sold out / exclusive posters from the likes of Tim Doyle, Jacob Borshard, Jon Smith, Clint Wilson, James O'Barr, Kevin Munoz, and a bunch of other talented artists - is always incredibly popular and is sure to sell out quickly.

To ensure you're one of the lucky few who successfully raid Nakatomi's reservoir of hidden treasures, be sure to visit the Nakatomi Inc store at 2 PM CDT (12 PM for us West Coast folks) today and have your Paypal login / credit card number embedded into muscle memory. There's only 150 tubes available for purchase at $50 each and every tube will have 5 random prints that are sure to delight your senses (mostly your sixth sense). Good luck folks!

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