Friday, May 18, 2012

Gimetzco's "The Averagers" Art Print

I typically try to write something sort of clever and maybe even lengthy about the artwork I review, but I found out about this print earlier today and it's only available for purchase until the end of today, so I'm going to keep it concise. Check it out!

"The Averagers" Art Print
13" x 19" - Numbered
$30 - Limited to 50
Inspired By: The Avengers

Gimetzo's "The Averagers" print is currently available through Steal This Art for $30. The poster measures 13" x 19" and is limited to an edition of 50. If you like what you see, remember, this print will no longer be available tomorrow (5/19), so you'll need to act now! To learn more about the artist, head over to Gimetzco's website and visit his various stores.

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  1. there is now a variant...slight changes to the lettering, available. Open edition available at


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