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Spoke Art's Second Annual "Bad Dads" Art Show

UPDATE (4/5): Interested in winning an AP of Randy Ortiz's “We Got the Tail, but We Missed the Fox” print? Well, you now officially have your chance! Randy is giving away one of his Fantastic Mr. Fox prints as part of a Damn the Design Facebook contest. For contest rules and directions head over to Randy's Facebook page now!

Spoke Art has finally released their remaining "Bad Dads" inventory to the unwashed masses of the Interwebs (that's me) and I couldn't be more thrilled. Although, to be honest, this has been a mixed blessing of sorts. Sure, there's a ton of amazing artwork inspired by some of my favorite Wes Anderson films. But for every stupefying work of art I buy, I end up dropping somewhere around $30, $40, or $50 - that adds up fairly quickly. And while I didn't purchase every print I'm about to discuss in this post, I was incredibly impressed with everything below and would heartily recommend collecting one or all of these posters while they're still available. Note: everything mentioned here was still available for purchase at the time of this writing.

"He is The Zissou" Art Print
Tim Doyle
16" x 20" - Signed and Numbered
$40 - Limited to 75
Inspired By: The Life Aquatic
"Stephen Zissou" Art Print
Zach Landrum
12.5" x 18" - Signed and Numbered
$30 - Limited to 50
Inspired By: The Life Aquatic

As an FYI, you should probably know that The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou is my all time favorite Wes Anderson film. With that confession out of the way, let's get to the good stuff. I had to place these prints together, I just had to. This is a perfect example of why I love art. You can have two portraits that depict the exact same thing, Steve Zissou's head in this case, but presented in such completely different manners. Tim Doyle's playful and inventive "He is the Zissou" conveys just how connected Zissou is with the maritime creatures he studies, which raises the question, where does the aquatic end and Steve Zissou begin? Conversely, Zach Landrum's "Stephen Zissou" conjures up an old, tired, but still kind of badass man far past his prime, with memories literally written on his face (or neck, rather). Zach's print also seems to play with some religious iconography as there appears to be some sort of halo behind our "Bad Dad." I'd join the cult of Zissou!

Tim Doyle's "He is The Zissou" art print is currently available through the Spoke Art store and costs $40. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou inspired print measures 16" x 20" and is limited to an edition of 75. To learn more about Austin-based artist Tim Doyle, be sure to visit his portfolio at, his store at, and follow him on Twitter @NakatomiTim.

Zach Landrum's "Stephen Zissou" print is available through the Spoke Art store for $30. The print measures 12.5" x 18" and is limited to 50. I couldn't really find any sort of web presence for the man besides an abandoned MySpace page, and a barely touched GigPosters profile, so just know that somewhere out there Zach Landrum exists and is creating art. I'm almost positive.

"Wild Animals" Art Print
Rhys Cooper
24" x 36" - Numbered
$80 - Limited to 50
Inspired By: Fantastic Mr. Fox

If you've ever seen a Rhys Cooper poster, you'll immediately recognize his somewhat grungy, but still immaculately detailed and breath-taking artwork. With "Wild Animals," Rhys has chosen to depict some of our favorite characters from Fantastic Mr. Fox along with their genus and species. One of the things I like so much about this print, besides the previously mentioned attention to detail, is how Rhys communicates the disposition and mannerisms of each character through both the clothing and the posturing of the four "Wild Animals." It's a beautiful print and I'm sure it will look awesome in person. Cooper's "Wild Animals" print is currently available through Spoke Art for $80. The print measures 24" x 36" and is limited to 50. And if the $80 price tag is just a bit too much for you, you can also purchase each of the four characters in 12" x 18" form for $30 apiece. To get the full scoop on Rhys Cooper, be sure to visit his Studio Seppuku store at

"Fantastic Mr. Fox!" Art Print
Kelly Perry
18" x 24" - Signed and Numbered
$40 - Limited to 30
Inspired By: Fantastic Mr. Fox

I just adore this print! I think out of all the posters in tonight's entry, this piece most perfectly channels the whimsy and charm of Fantastic Mr. Fox. It's just perfect in my opinion. I'd never heard of Kelly Perry, whose more naturalistic style works wonderfully with the somewhat fantastical Fantastic Mr. Fox, but you can bet I'll be following her work very closely moving forward. Does anyone else think that this would make an amazing cover for the Roald Dahl book? I look at this poster and just want to watch the movie all over again. Kelly Perry's "Fantastic Mr. Fox!" art print is available for purchase through Spoke Art right now. The piece measures 18" x 24", is limited to an edition of 30, and costs $40. To see more of Kelly's artwork I recommend checking out her website at and her Society6 storefront.

“We Got the Tail, but We Missed the Fox” Fantastic Mr. Fox Movie Poster
Randy Ortiz
18" x 24" - Includes a certificate of authenticity
$50 - Limited to 75

Finally, we come to Randy Ortiz's gorgeously conceived and brilliantly executed Fantastic Mr. Fox movie poster. The print reads like a lesson in smart design, and by that I mean, Mr. Ortiz has done a spectacular job at concisely getting across much of the film in a relatively minimalistic, yet incredibly detailed, manner. Simply stunning. This was definitely one of the five prints I purchased from the show and I absolutely can't wait to get this beauty framed. Randy Ortiz's "We Got the Tail, but We Missed the Fox" print is currently available through Spoke Art for $50. The print measures 18" x 24", is limited to an edition of 75, and comes with a certificate of authenticity. For more Randy Ortiz related goodness, check out the man's Cargo Collective website, Tumblr, Etsy store, and follow him on Twitter @damnthedesign. I REALLY hope he plays around with more film stuff in the future. Mondo, are you listening?

All of these prints, and much, much more, can be found at Spoke Art's store at, but that's not all. You'll also find info about upcoming events and future releases by subscribing to the Spoke Art mailing list, following Spoke Art's founder Ken Harman on Twitter @Spoke_Art, and checking out Spoke Art's always enjoyable Tumblr page.

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