Monday, June 27, 2011

Fernando Fro Reza's "Brazil" Movie Poster

I haven't covered every Fernando Fro Rezza print to date (although I have written about his work before), but it's safe to say I'm pretty much floored by everything the man comes out with. His newest release, honoring the cult classic Brazil, is no different. Much like Brazil, a very strange and unique film, there's something quite off kilter and disquieting about this print.

Fernando Fro Reza
11" x 17"
$30 - Limited to 50

I like Fernando's work for many of the same reasons I like Olly Moss' work. They're both great at using and manipulating iconic images, often transforming them into multiple-layered masterpieces. They both also happen to use simple color palettes, but almost always end up creating something quite complex. Fernando's Brazil poster captures that strange Terry Gilliam magic by employing jutting angles, creepy baby masks (seriously, Jason's hockey mask and Michael Myers' halloween disguise have nothing on Gilliam's creation), and a well honed sense of the bizarre. It's ultimately the artist's mix of day dreams and nightmares, and of symmetry and disproportion, that clearly show Mr. Reza knows exactly what he's doing.

This signed and numbered poster is currently available through the website Uber Cool Stuff for $30. The print measures 11" x 17" and is limited to an edition of 50. I have a feeling this is a giclee and not a screen print, but I'm not certain. To learn more about Fernando be sure to visit his portfolio and blog, where you can purchase a bunch of his prints, which runs the gamut from The Dark Knight Rises to Rugrats to Doctor Who. Good night everyone! I'm off to file a complaint with Central Services.

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