Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Write Up: Tim Doyle's "The Fifth Element" Movie Poster

How's your day been so far? Mine's been alright. I definitely ate too much, I didn't exercise, I remembered that I need to update my resume (ugh), and then I realized I'm about to move to a new city without a job lined up - a thought which is both exhilarating and terrifying. It wasn't a bad day though. And it wasn't exactly an amazing day. Just another Wednesday that sits comfortably in the grey area between those two extremes. However, I can say with complete confidence that one discovery definitely raised my spirits this morning: Bottleneck Gallery's recent charity work. In short, the proceeds from the below posters will go toward Paul's Brain Trust, which you can read more about by clicking here. Bottleneck Gallery has already donated money to the National Breast Cancer Foundation and Water for the South Sudan with previous poster sales. It's pretty much perfect, isn't it? Not only do you get to feel great about doing something good for somebody, you also get a beautiful screen printed poster. In the immortal words of Stan Lee: "'Nuff said!"

Fifth Element Movie Poster (Regular)
Tim Doyle
18" x 24" (Screen Print) - Signed and Numbered
$30 - Limited to 225

Fifth Element Movie Poster (Variant)
Tim Doyle
18" x 24" (Screen Print) - Signed and Numbered
$50 - Limited to 75

I'd love to see all of Tim Doyle's Japanese movie posters side-by-side on. There's just something innately disquieting about immediately recognizing the film, but not being able to read or translate its title...and I kind of love that. These posters rightly feature all of the film's main players, but center around one of The Fifth Element's strongest and strangest elements - the outlandish character / creature design. For this reason I think the regular version is superior, as it clearly shows off the film's vibrant palette. I'll be honest, it's been a while since I've seen the film, and I'm not sure if they hold any significance, but I love the cathedral-like window frames that surround Willis, Oldman and Tucker. Not only because they suggest an almost sacred importance, but they kind of look like rocket ships too. So there's that.

Tim Doyle's The Fifth Element movie posters are currently available through Bottleneck Gallery's website. The regular version is limited to an edition of 225 and costs $30, while the variant is limited to 75 and costs $50. To learn more about Tim Doyle, head over to, purchase more of his artwork at, and follow him on Twitter @NakatomiTim. And for more info on Bottleneck Gallery head over to and follow them @bottlenecknyc.

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