Friday, July 20, 2012

Poster Per Diem: Scrojo's "Dr. Stangelove" Movie Posster

For those wondering what the hell "Poster Per Diem" is / means / smells like, here's my not at all concise description. If you visit this site with any regularity, you already know I tend to write reviews for film and television inspired prints that are either currently on sale or are about to go on sale. And while I'll still be pouring the majority of my efforts into these sorts of posts, my daily "Poster Per Diem" feature will focus on awesome prints that have since sold out or never existed in the first place (AKA concept posters). In other words: this is my chance to say, "I never got a chance, for whatever reason, to write about you on this here website, but I think you're really purty and I want to let the world know." Or something like that. Oh, and Per diem is latin for "per day" or "each day."

Dr. Stangelove Movie Poster
20" x 26" (Screen Print) - Numbered
Sold Out - Limited to 100

I've seen a few Dr. Strangelove prints in my day, but I can say this is easily the most awesome of the bunch. Scrojo masterfully uses negative space in order to draw the viewer to Sterling Hayden's crazed Brigadier General Jack Ripper and his apocalyptic cigar smoke. This is one poster that I always wish I had gotten back when it was a bit more affordable. Here's hoping Scrojo does a few more movie / television inspired prints in the near future. Head over to to learn more about this talented dude.

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