Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Rhys Cooper's "From Dusk Till Dawn" Movie Posters

Tommy Good is at it again with another fun poster release, this time for the cult classic From Dusk Till Dawn. With only a quick glimpse of the artwork below you can immediately tell that Rhys was the right man for the job with his trademark splatter aesthetic in full effect.

From Dusk Till Dawn - Regular Edition

From Dusk Till Dawn - Bloodbath Variant Edition

I haven't seen this film in ages, but it's always interesting to go back to From Dusk because we get to see George Clooney in a ridiculous action romp before his name became synomynous with meaningful, thought provoking and important films, oh yeah, and we also got to witness Tarantino chewing up the scenery for a bit too. While this film is probably the least important in Tommy Good's growing film poster collection, at least in terms of From Dusk's place in film history (bet I made a few enemies just now), it's certainly one of their most playful. You've especially got to appreciate the pure ballsy-ness of the over-the-top bloodbath variant - I'm not sure I could think of a better poster for this film.

Rhys Cooper's From Dusk Till Dawn poster will be available through Tommy Good tomorrow (5/25) at a random time. Be sure to follow @ThisIsTommyGood for the exact release info.  Both posters measure 18" x 24" and are six-color screen prints. The regular edition is limited to 200, while the bloodbath variant is limited to 50. For additional Rhys Cooper artwork head over to his Studio Seppuku store. I have a feeling these will sell out quick so act fast and good luck!

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