Sunday, March 4, 2012

Mark Englert's "Det er en Slags Ting" Art Print

UPDATE (3/7): As mentioned in this post, Englert's "Det er en Slags Ting" print was a time-limited release, and that time has come to an end. They're all sold out folks! Now we just need to wait until Mark's amazing It print comes out!

I've already written about The Thing several times on this site. It's one of those movies that will forever drive its fans to share their appreciation with one another and the world beyond, including those who've yet to see Carpenter's 1982 classic. Thankfully for us, Mark Englert, an illustrator who's worked with the likes of Image, Archaia, and Microsoft, has decided to dedicate his sizable talents toward capturing the icy landscape better known as Outpost 31 via two beautifully epic screen prints.

"Det er en Slags Ting" Art Print
Mark Englert - 12" x 36"
$40 - Edition Size TBD
Inspired By: The Thing

"Det er en Slags Ting" Art Print ("Yeah, Fuck You, Too" GID Variant)
Mark Englert - 12" x 36"
$70 (Already Sold Out) - Limited to 31
Inspired By: The Thing

You've really got to admire the level of detail in Englert's work. Much like Dan McCarthy's "Hoth" and JC Richard's "Fortress of Solitude," both of which served as inspirations in the creation of "Det er en Slags Ting," Mark's posters are about as photorealistic as they come. I actually wondered (very briefly) if any of the above was drawn at all, then I was directed to his incredibly thorough process thread on Expresso Beans (seriously, go read it right now). There, I witnessed just how much detail and effort went into even the most seemingly minute elements of the design. I've included a few of my favorites below for your viewing pleasure.

Helicopter - Illustration Close-up

Alaskan Malamute - Illustration Close-up

Outpost 31 / Station 4 - Illustration Close-up

While some of these elements couldn't be bigger than a fingernail within the boundaries of "Det er en Slags Ting" (I'm looking at you, adorable but violent alien dog), you can see how intricately each vehicle, character and building was drawn. I'm completely serious when I say every one of these could be a print unto themselves! Mark was nice enough to provide me with some detail about these, his first prints ever, as well as briefly summarize his process and talk a little bit about why he loves The Thing so much:
"It's my first print, but I've been making a living doing illustration for over 12 years now, so I was fairly confident I could pull it off. I work in Photoshop, took pictures of some local mountains after a recent snow storm and drew the rest myself, piece by piece. I drew the dog, base and helicopter at a much larger size then they would be printed in the end, so that when I shrunk them down, they would have a comparable level of detail as the picture of mountains they were placed in front of. The movie is a long-time favorite... lots of note-perfect, iconic moments that are carved into my brain and just re-watchable as hell."
As far as first prints go, I'd say this was a smashing success, wouldn't you?

These two gorgeous looking posters are a must-have for any Thing fan. While the glow-in-the-dark variant has already sold out, Mark Englert's "Det Er En Slags Ting" art print is still available for $40 from his Talco Belvedere storefront for a few more hours (it's a time-limited release). The print measures 12" x 36" and will be expertly screen printed with three colors. To learn more about Mark and his process head over to the amazingly detailed EB process thread he started, check out his website at, and follow him on Twitter @markenglert. As you can tell, he's a pretty talented guy and I think we'll be seeing a lot more from him in the near future! More specifically, fans of It should keep their eyes on Mark and what he does next!

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