Wednesday, October 26, 2011

JC Richard's "Jurassic Park" Movie Posters

UPDATE (10/27): All Sold out! Hope you you were able to grab one!

The majority of us missed out on Horkey's insanely illustrated Jurassic Park posters from Mondo's Mystery Movie screening of the film, but thankfully all is not lost. In fact, I believe the two posters below will be the first public offering, not including the mystery movie release, since Mondo gained the rights to the Spielberg films (can't WAIT until the Tyler Stout Color Purple posters).

Jurassic Park Movie Poster (Regular)
JC Richard
24" x 36" - Hand numbered
$45 - Limited to 375

Jurassic Park Movie Poster (Variant)
JC Richard
24" x 36" - Hand numbered
$75 - Limited to 125

JC Richard, an artist I wasn't all that familiar with, did a great job creating a very realistic and beautiful Jurassic Park vista. With the amount of layers on display here (ten in all!) I have to imagine the detail is just astounding up close and I'm a huge fan of the muted color palette. Richard's posters really evoke that first-time wonder we all felt when we saw this film in theaters. And while I'm not always a supporter of variants, I really like how the Jurassic Park variant gives us an unobstructed view of the lower third of the print. I mean, did anyone even notice that there was a massive gate there until the credits and title had been removed? Finally, I wanted to heap some praise on the layout of the print. There's a beautiful symmetry between the natural arc that's formed by the closest Brachiosaurus and Dr. Alan Grant feeding the creature from the tree trop, and its inorganic analogue, the man-made gate below. It's a wonderful print and is sure to please fans of the film. Here's what JC had to say about his poster (taken from his blog):
"As exciting as some of the chase scenes are, I was always more impressed with the gentler, more awe-inspiring visual moments in the film. The 'scary monster on our heels' stuff was done before in countless movies, but the scenes that stuck with me were the fleeting moments between chases... characters could briefly reflect on their amazing surroundings and interact with these giants with sentiments other than 'RUN!' (That said, just had to include the Trex in there because let's face it- he's the hero of the flick)."
In my opinion, he more than succeeded in his mission and provided the perfect counterpoint to Horkey's ferocious Tyrannosaurus rex.

JC Richard's Jurassic Park print will be available tomorrow (10/27) at a random time through Mondo's website. The posters both measure 24" x 36" and are hand numbered. The regular Jurassic Park print will cost $45 and be limited to 375, while the title-less variant will cost $75 and be limited to 125. As always, to find out the moment these posters drop be sure to follow @MondoNews on Twitter. And to learn more about the artist head over to and follow him @microcosmcmedia. Hopefully this will be the beginning of a very long and fruitful relationship between JC and Mondo!


  1. Oh man, that variant is beautiful. And you don't even need the title and credits to know it's for Jurassic Park. Really hoping I can lay my hands on one o' these.

  2. Same here! I'll be trying my hands on the fickle mistress known as Mondo poster releases this morning. Good lucky Andy!

  3. I really like it, nice scene to depict and I think it is much more appropriate than Horkey's poster. I just hope one of the posters out of this series by Mondo can convey the feeling I had and still have everytime I watch the movie: a tremendous and overwhelming sense of forboding and suspense. Great examples in the movie are scenes of the glass of water trembling, when the electric fense is snapped even though we havent seen the T-Rex, the scene where they feed the raptors and we get tosee what they to do the feeding aparatus, etc... I think this is my strongest emotional affiliation with the movie and I would love for one of the posters convey this feeling.

    On another note, couldn't grab one :(

  4. Sorry you weren't able to get one. Hopefully there'll be some reasonable prices up on Expresso Beans or eBay at some point.

    I would LOVE to see a print that could convey the thrill and suspense I felt during the water trembling scene! I think that scene, more than any other, is the moment I most closely associate with the film.


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