Monday, December 20, 2010

"True Grit" Movie Poster by Aaron Horkey

You'll have to excuse me if I come across as a little bitter today.  I got burned on this morning's Olly Moss Mondo Star Wars release and am feeling quite down at the moment.  It's a real shame that the run was so limited, and the demand SO high, but it is what it is.  Ultimately, Mondo will release another amazing poster set (I'm looking at you Guillermo Del Toro Director's Series), which I will have no problem scoring and all will be right with the world again.  Hopefully.  To those of you who did manage to snag a Star Wars poster, or even more unimaginable, posters - congrats...and damn you!  Now moving on to what I had intended to talk about in the first place, Aaron Horkey's True Grit movie poster.

True Grit - Regular Edition
True Grit - Variant Edition
I've always been kind of hot and cold with Aaron Horkey.  I think the level of detail and Aaron's artistic ability are truly awe inspiring, but a lot of his art just doesn't really do anything for me.  For some reason I've always found much of his work, including his trademark razor sharp typography, to be a bit cold and impersonal.  These posters are more of the same for me.  I’m really impressed with all of the detail, it looks like the man must draw/paint with a magnifying glass to generate such a degree of realism, but I think the poster is a bit boring.  I will say this though, Horkey’s True Grit certainly elicits that old-timey feeling with his Western era type and the slithering-in-the-sand rattle snake.  The brown in the regular version of the poster also seems a fitting touch for what is sure to be a Coen Brothers classic.  Ultimately, Horkey’s True Grit poster is an impressive image that doesn’t really connect (for me at least).

As you've most likely already guessed, the True Grit poster will be sold through Mondo's store.  There’s a bit of confusion about when this poster will actually go on sale.  Yahoo! Movies, who announced the poster, says Thursday (12/23), but @MondoNews, who linked to the Yahoo! announcement, says Wednesday (12/22).  I’m sure this will be clarified as the sale gets nearer, but I’d keep my eyes Mondo’s twitter account for the actual sales drop information.  Both posters measure 39” x 15”, with the regular edition being limited to an edition of 400 and the variant to 100.  I can’t wait to see this movie and I imagine the inclusion of the snake on this poster will become much more apparent once all is said and done.  I’m also in the process of writing a review of TRON: Legacy, hopefully it’ll be up by this weekend.  Have a great night everyone!

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