Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Black Keys Gig Poster by Jeff Proctor

When two of my favorite things come together I can’t help but take notice.   Combining Jeff Proctor, an amazing artist who I’ve been following closely ever since his initial Mondo outing with the Zombie , and The Black Keys, who are easily one of my top three bands in 2010, is a surefire success any way you look at it.  I missed out on the original Black Keys poster that Proctor designed earlier this year, but definitely do not plan to miss out on his soon to be San Diego poster. poster

The Black Keys Gig Poster - San Diego 2010
Does Jeff Proctor love zombies?  If I had to guess, I’d say, quite emphatically, “Yes!”  And thank goodness he does, because that means pretty much every poster he puts together is an instant win in my book.  I love how Proctor is somehow able to create these incredibly lifelike and realistic depictions of zombified Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney, but make it look completely effortless with bold black lines and a very minimal color palette.  The man's clearly got a pretty decent understanding of human anatomy as well, because Patrick Carney’s rotting/chewed through cheek looks freakishly authentic.  If I ever turn zombie, and mark my words I someday will, I’d like Jeff Proctor to do my portrait.  It’s a fantastic poster and I really hope he’ll continue working with The Black Keys.  I wouldn’t mind a few more Mondo posters either.  Keep'em coming Jeff!

I also wanted to mention the awesomeness that is The Black Keys.  I had originally heard the band in college with their spectacular Thickfreakness album and immediately knew I had stumbled onto something amazing.  Their muddy electric rock spoke to the parts of me that loved the heart-on-your-sleeve soul music of the 60s and the garage rock beats of The Strokes.  These two interests of mine had somehow prepared my ears for the duo’s wonderful minimalist and distorted approach.  Fast forward to a few months ago, when on a whim I picked up their most recent Brothers album and was once again transported to some sort of dirty blues nirvana.  Need more proof of the band’s greatness?  Check out my favorite track off their newest album, “Unknown Brother,” and you will forever bow at The Black Keys altar.

Back to Jeff Proctor’s awesome poster.  There hasn’t been any announcement about when the poster will be released, but Jeff has asked folks to sign up for his newsletter for the impending purchase date.  While we’re waiting for an announcement, be sure to check out his website and store for some really beautiful artwork.  Also, head over to The Black Keys website and learn a little more about these guys and their music.  They're really good.

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