Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"TRON" Movie Posters by Eric Tan

Another Eric Tan poster?  Yep.  It turns out that once just wasn't enough and I have returned to the well that is Mr. Tan for more poster goodness.  I'll be honest, I'm not blown away by Eric's TRON: Legacy movie poster, but I absolutely love his more retro TRON poster.  I kind of understand why the Legacy poster doesn't do it for me, but there's also something I can't quite put my finger on.  My biggest complaint (that I'm cognizant of) is the costumes.  When compared to the TRON poster, the TRON: Legacy design is just too simple, too sleek - there's a distinct lack of character.  I think this is more the movie's fault than it is Eric's, because, honestly, that's what the costumes look like in the new film - they're cool, they're hip, essentially everything the original TRON's costumes are not.  With that said, I'm sure if these posters were hanging side by side I'd probably be in awe of their combined greatness and fall down on my knees to sing their names in praise.  Now that that's out of my system, I'd really like to dig into Eric Tan's TRON poster.

There's something so fun about the original TRON.  Even if it's not the greatest movie around (and it's definitely not), the film is filled with so many fresh ideas and those once "state of the art" vector graphics are thoroughly enjoyable for their now, admittedly, obsolescent aesthetic.  Eric's TRON poster also does a fantastic job of capturing that 80s vibe with loud colors, superfluous circuitry and a level of detail that expertly identifies the characters and their motivations.  In other words: the poster does such an effective job of articulating the personalities that populate it, you don't even need to have seen the film to understand who the goodies and the baddies are.  Of course I'd still highly recommend seeking it out.  By the way, what gives with the total lack of any TRON Blu-rays or DVDs guys?

Well now that I've shown you the TRON poster I feel like it'd be a bit callous of me to not show you the Legacy poster.

TRON: Legacy
Better yet, what would the posters look like side by side?

TRON & TRON: Legacy
That's absolutely gorgeous!  I now must have both.  All previous arguments are invalid.

Want to grab one or both of these beauties?  Well, both posters will be available tomorrow, Thursday (12/16), at a random time through Mondo.  I'd highly recommend paying attention to the @MondoNews twitter feed and/or sign up for Mondo's newsletter to get the scoop.  The posters measure 16" x 24" and are hand numbered.  Both posters costs $40, are printed with glow in the dark ink and are limited to an edition of 240.  Don't forget to check out Eric Tan's blog when you've got a chance - he's quite the talented fellow if you couldn't already tell.  Godspeed!

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