Friday, December 10, 2010

"Critters" Movie Poster by Rhys Cooper

Critters is for me, as I’m assuming it is for many others, a guilty pleasure that can only be sated by a collection of Crites and a case of devoured livestock. It’s a film that shouldn’t have worked, but somehow coalesced into some sort of perfect combination of humor, horror, schlock and molotov cocktails.

Rhys Cooper really earned his money this time.  He seems to have a way with monsters.  Need proof?  Just check out his Gremlins poster and you’ll be a believer.  His detailed line work creates a photo realistic look and yet completely brings out the chaos, anarchy and bloodlust that the Crites represent.  Rhys succeeds in every way with this poster - the space/star border, the quaint Kansas farm with the broken chicken wire and of course our blood thirsty friends, the Crites – it all just works.  Maybe this is sadistic of me but I’d love to see the Crites battle against the Tribbles.  I’m pretty sure the Crites would murder the Tribbles, still, it’s something I’d like to see.  Anyone with me?

Rhys Cooper’s Critters poster will be available through Mondo later today (it is past midnight afterall) for $40.  The poster measures 24” x 36”, is out of an edition of 135 and was screen printed with glow in the dark inks.

The movie is available on DVD, but not on Blu-ray.  Come on Blu!  Be sure to check out Rhys Cooper’s Studio Seppuku store and his Facebook page when you have a chance.

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