Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tim Doyle's "Tears in the Rain" Oversized Art Print

UPDATE (4/25): "Tears in the Rain" is all sold out! Hope you were able to grab one! The post has been updated accordingly.

Tim Doyle's "Tears in the Rain" print was initially released in October 2010 (predating Posterocalypse's existence by only a few months) and has always stuck with me as one of his best designs. Doyle's take on Blade Runner with its neon-drenched mise en scène captures an iconic moment and manages to be both gorgeous and insightful. I missed my chance the first go around, but as luck (and Tim's generosity) would have it, I'll have another opportunity to snag this beauty later today.

"Tears in the Rain" Art Print (Oversized & Glow in the Dark)
Tim Doyle
21" x 40" - Signed and Numbered
Price TBD - Edition Size TBD
Inspired By: Blade Runner

Tim's "Tears in the Rain" poster is strangely zen. There are probably a few hundred other words that would better describe what I mean, but I work with what I have, which in this case is a smallish vocabulary. Now, I'll do my best to expound on my word choice, but please bear with me as I stumble across this explanation. Roy Batty, a replicant who's host to so much inner conflict and exudes so much anger toward human civilization for making him and those like him a disposable second class citizen is not exactly the poster boy for non-violence or mental stability. With that said, Roy does reach an epiphany and finds some modicum of peace when [spoiler alert] he saves the life of Deckard near the film's end. Tim Doyle's print, at least for me, captures that moment perfectly - there's clarity and solace in his artwork, and the lone man / replicant set against a mechanized world filled with smog, smoke stacks and never ending artificial illumination presents Roy with a certain amount of reverence and humility. It probably doesn't hurt that the paper stock color reminds me of rice paper, which immediately elicits feelings of calm and tranquillity. Oh, and there's the iconic dove too. There's also that.

Tim Doyle's "Tears in the Rain" oversized print was released on Tuesday (4/24) at 3 PM CST through his Nakatomi Inc storefront. It was a timed-release print and measures 21" x 40". To learn more about the artist, be sure to visit mrdoyle.com, nakatomiinc.com and follow him on Twitter @NakatomiTim.


  1. It's nice Tim Doyle put this out in a time release so all the fans could nap one...for $100. Thanks Timmy, so kind!

    1. Here, here! I wish more artists would do timed releases. The only thing it really hurts is the secondary market, and that's not necessarily a bad thing in my opinion. To be fair, this is something that I suppose would only really work with established artists with a large enough following.

  2. wow this really helps you get ideas....i love it....thanks timmy!!!!!


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