Monday, April 9, 2012

Richey Beckett's "Mac Wants the Flamethrower" Art Print

UPDATE (4/9): Wow. That was fast! Richey's "Mac Wants the Flamethrower" is now completely sold out. If you missed your chance to pick one up, I'm sure a few will be popping up on eBay or Expresso Beans in the next few days.

I've covered a decent amount of Thing inspired artwork on Posterocalypse, but this may be my favorite piece yet. Originally created for the Mondo Gallery's opening in Austin, Richey Beckett's "Mac Wants the Flamethrower" is an insanely detailed and and creative tribute to John Carpenter's landmark The Thing.

"Mac Wants the Flamethrower" Art Print
Richey Beckett
450mm x 320mm (17.7" x 12.6") - Signed and Numbered
£20 - Limited to 50
Inspired By: The Thing

What a gorgeous work of art! Richey Beckett, an artist I wasn't familiar with in the slightest, has put himself on the map with this grotesque goody. Beckett captures the sinewy alien tendrils in all their gory glory, yet manages to imbue his snapshot with an otherworldly beauty. The living cords erupting from the canine body remind me of a spear or arrow, while the fibrous coils encircling the creature's neck and paws could easily be mistaken for a ranch hand's lasso. I mention all of this to suggest there's something innately primal present in this print. If you couldn't already tell, this is one of those posters that will need to be seen in person to be believed. And can someone please have this guy start working on some art for a Cronenberg flick already? I'm thinking Videodrome, The Fly, eXistenZ, Rabid, Scanners, and The Brood (in that order). What say you? For those unfamiliar with the film, here's the clip that inspired Beckett's art.

Richey Beckett's The Thing inspired "Mac Wants the Flamethrower" art print is available right now for £20 (approximately $32) through Beckett's online store. The print measures 450mm x 320mm and is limited to an edition of 50. To learn more about artist Richey Beckett, be sure to visit, follow him on Twitter @richeybeckett, and check out his store.

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