Saturday, February 4, 2012

DoomCMYK's "Game Time 3" Art Print

I don't know about you, but I love Adventure Time. There's just something about its self-reflexive absurdity and the clandestine adult themes hiding right under the show's candy (kingdom) surface. I've seen a few of DoomCMYK's Adventure Time inspired prints in the past, but this is the first time I'm (barely) ahead of the curve enough to actually tell my readers about it. Take a look!

"Game Time 3" Art Print (Variant)
DoomCMYK (AKA Robert Mangaoang)
11" x 17" - Signed and Numbered
$19.99 - Limited to 200
Inspired: Adventure Time

This print isn't really doing anything monumental or important, it's not pushing the boundaries of the medium, but damn if doesn't put a huge smile on my face. DoomCMYK's poster captures that carefree and zany (did I really just use the word "zany"?) attitude that Finn and Jake so unashamedly exude, regardless of the insanity they face each and every episode. But beyond the artist's ability to maintain the show's tone, I feel the need to congratulate him for perfectly reproducing the Adventure Time characters while seamlessly combining them with a ton of popular video game franchises. That's not to say there isn't something deliriously entertaining and yet oddly unnerving about seeing Finn tote around a handgun, even if it's in the guise of Solid Snake. I'll be honest, it kind of weirds me out (but in a good way). Bottom line: I've really enjoyed what DoomCMYK has done so far, and am looking forward to many more mathematical Adventure Time inspired artworks from this artist going forward.

DoomCMYK's "Game Time 3" print will be available Sunday (2/5) through his Etsy store at 10 AM EST (7 AM for those of us on the West Coast). The giclée measures 11" x 17", is limited to an edition of 200, and only costs $19.99! To learn more about artist Robert Mangaoang, be sure to visit his website, Tumblr blog, or follow him on Twitter @doomsdaily and @Doom_CMYK. And it probably wouldn't hurt to sign up for his newsletter either. Just sayin'.


  1. Sonic can't seem to beat any of his Nintendo brethren in the war for prominence. Poor spiky fella.

    1. The only thing missing is Tails! I'm not sure how you feel, but I desperately want to play all these videogames with Finn and Jake user modded skins.

    2. Yeah, where's Tails?

      Finn Mario and Jake Luigi would work well inside the already batty Super Mario Bros. 2.


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