Monday, December 19, 2011

Rhys Cooper's "The Scorpion and the Frogs" Art Print

I couldn't in good conscience go to bed without publishing something about this awesome Drive inspired poster. Rhys Cooper's "The Scorpion and the Frogs" art print is currently available for pre-order and will only be available for purchase till the end of Monday (12/19). The amount he sells will be used to determine the edition size.

"The Scorpion and the Frogs"
Rhys Cooper
12" x 36" - Signed and Numbered
$40 - Edition Size TBD
Inspired By: Drive

It was devastating to learn that we were deprived a Drive print due to creative differences between the production company and Mondo, but thankfully several artists heard the techno-tinged synth call and unveiled their interpretations of the film to us, the hungry public. My favorites were from artists Luis Fernando Cruz, Jeff Boyes, and James White, but I think Cooper's print may be the best yet. Rhys' gonzo touches perfectly capture the intense flashes of violence that make Drive so memorable, and not since Oldboy has a hammer been this iconic. As far as I know this is the first film inspired print that Rhys has done completely on his own (i.e., not commissioned), meaning I'm both incredibly impressed and really hoping to see more projects like this come out of Studio Seppuku.

Cooper's "The Scorpion and the Frogs" art print is currently available for pre-order through Studio Seppuku for $40. On Tuesday (12/20) the print will no longer be available for purchase, so if you're planning on picking one of these up - act now. The poster measures 12" x 36" and will be signed and numbered. To learn more about Rhys Cooper be sure to visit his storefront and Facebook page.

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