Thursday, December 29, 2011

Martin Ansin's "Dracula" Movie Posters

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Martin Ansin is, hands down, my favorite artist. His aesthetic choices are usually perfectly in line with my tastes and he always manages to make bridging the gap between the fantastical and the photorealistic look easy. Much to my (and probably your) relief, Ansin's previous entry in Mondo's Universal Horror series, the jaw-dropping Mummy posters, were not to be his last, as Justin revealed Martin's beautiful Dracula prints earlier today.

Dracula Movie Poster (Regular)
Martin Ansin
24" x 36" - Numbered
$45 - Limited to 350

Dracula Movie Poster (Metallic Variant)
Martin Ansin
24" x 36" - Numbered
$85 - Limited to 100

Martin Ansin is stupefyingly great at taking a character's countenance and creating intricate, organic, complicated roadmaps. Take, for example, the mysterious visage of Bela Lugosi's Dracula. Look at the way Martin creates depth and texture with thick, wavy strokes, and carefully injects shadow to flesh out the Count's stronger facial features. I'm reminded of how Tyler Stout is able to place blocks within shaded blocks and create amazingly realistic figures, but with Ansin's art, the subjects appear even more lifelike, almost to the point where motion is discernable. I guess what I'm trying to say, albeit not very eloquently, is that on top of his already gorgeous designs, there's something lively (and clearly somewhat undefinable) about the work of Martin Ansin. With that said, you'll probably be shocked to hear that this isn't my favorite Ansin piece - that honor belongs to his Mummy posters. Still, this is another knockout print, that's both a wonderful tribute to and reflection on (insert vampire pun) a Hollywood classic. And holy crap, how about that wood coffin variant? Perfection.

Dracula Movie Poster (Wood Coffin Variant)
Martin Ansin
21" x 36" - Numbered
$135 - Limited to 75

Martin Ansin's Dracula movie posters will be available on Friday (12/30) through Mondo at a random time. Both posters measure 24" x 36" and are hand numbered. The regular red version of the print will cost $45 and is limited to 350, while the metallic ink variant is limited to 100 and will cost $85. The uber limited wood coffin variant measures 21" x 36", costs $135 and is limited to an edition of 75. To get the exact drop time be sure to follow @MondoNews on Twitter. To learn more about the talented Mr. Ansin be sure to visit his website at and follow him @martinansin. Good luck everyone!

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