Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fernando Fro Reza's "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark" Movie Poster

I've sung Fro Design Co.'s praises before, and sure enough, the man has created yet another wonderful print, this time for the creepy Guillermo Del Toro penned Don't Be Afraid of the Dark.

Don't Be Afraid of the Dark Movie Poster
Fernando Fro Reza
11" x 17"
$30 - Limited to 100

I was a big fan of this film. Now I'm not saying it was a perfect story, but I had a lot of fun with the movie and there were some great scares! And the house, my god the house, is probably the most sinister character in the entire flick. I wanted to preface my review of Fro Design Co.'s artwork with a quick review of the film to underscore just how perfectly the artist has recreated the atmosphere of the movie. Fernando's print captures the macabre setting complete with clandestine homunculi and is, in my humble opinion, his most accomplished work to date. Unlike a lot of his other prints, which I love and admire, this poster reminds me more of a painting that tells a story (a dark story) than a clever minimalist aggregate of cinematic fragments. I've got more than enough room in my heart for both approaches, but I absolutely adore this poster.

Yes, it's a great poster, a beautiful poster even, but there's more! This print was commissioned by CHUD, and as part of that commission, Fernando has been offering a VERY generous BOGO deal that is sure to elicit joyful joy. To read more about the Fro Design Co. Don't Be Afraid of the Dark deal visit CHUD's article on the poster and be sure to mention it during the PayPal checkout process. Fernando Fro Reza's Don't Be Afraid of the Dark poster is available through the Fro Design Co. store at The giclée measures 11" x 17", is limited to an edition of 100 and costs $30. And when it comes to the film, while I may not be able to wholeheartedly recommend a blind buy (I'm sure I'll be buying it though), the film deserves, at the very least, a blind rental (is that even a phrase? it is now).


  1. I loved the movie. I thought it was a beautifully well done horror film with A quality work in all regards, something few horror films ever attempt to achieve. And I agree, the house was the greatest and most sinister characters, with the monsters inspired. Great performances too. I certainly want this poster!

  2. I wholeheartedly agree. Great movie, great poster! And the Fro Design Co BOGO deal is an amazing value!


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