Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dan Mumford's "The Fly" Art Print

I've written about Mumford's Horror Movies series before, and if you've read my reviews for either his Evil Dead or The Thing print, then you'll know exactly what to expect. With that said, Mumford's monstrosities continue to delight with their sinewy organic aesthetic and The Fly poster may be his best yet!

The Fly Art Print
Dan Mumford
18" x 24"
£30 - Limited to 100

Honestly, I can't think of a better match than David Cronenberg and Dan Mumford. As I stated above, Dan's creations seem to embody the body horror themes that Cronenberg touched on in just about every film he made prior to 2000. By the way, does anyone miss that Cronenberg? Don't get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoyed Spider, History of Violence and Eastern Promises, and there may have been a little bit of the old gore in those films, but where did the "Baron of Blood" go? I miss him. Sorry about that, back to the artwork. Dan Mumford's Fly print is downright horrifying. Brundlefly's body seems to be made of acidic strands of mucus that almost look nuclear in nature, and the inclusion of the telepod is at once a must-have as well as a great use of background. Finally, I've already touched on this in my review, but I really love the neon green color used to represent the creature's astringent bodily fluids. To me, the glowing chemical-green fluids mean one thing: science run amok.

The Fly print by Dan Mumford is currently available through the Dark City Gallery store for £30 (approximately $47). The print measures 18" x 24" and is limited to an edition of 100. By the by, Mumford's Evil Dead and The Thing prints are still available! To see more of Dan's work be sure to visit and follow @Danmumforddraws.
"You're afraid to dive into the plasma pool, aren't you? You're afraid to be destroyed and recreated, aren't you? I'll bet you think that you woke me up about the flesh, don't you? But you only know society's straight line about the flesh. You can't penetrate beyond society's sick, gray, fear of the flesh. Drink deep, or taste not, the plasma spring! Y'see what I'm saying? And I'm not just talking about sex and penetration. I'm talking about penetration beyond the veil of the flesh! A deep penetrating dive into the plasma pool!" - Seth Brundle
Now that's how you end a blog post!

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