Friday, November 9, 2012

Poster Per Diem: James Gilleard's "Creature from the Black Lagoon" Movie Poster

If you visit this site with any regularity, you already know I tend to write reviews for film and television inspired prints that are either currently on sale or are about to go on sale. And while I'll still be pouring the majority of my efforts into those sorts of posts, my daily "Poster Per Diem" feature will focus on awesome prints that have since sold out, never existed in the first place (AKA concept posters) or just bear mentioning. In other words: this is my chance to say, "I never got a chance, for whatever reason, to write about you on this here website, but I think you're really purty and I want to let the world know." Or something like that. Oh, and Per diem is latin for "per day" or "each day."

Creature from the Black Lagoon Movie Poster
James Gilleard
420 mm x 839 mm (Giclée) - Signed
£80 - Open Edition

I've been having such a good time posting all of the Universal Monster movie inspired prints from Mondo's latest show, that I just couldn't let this one slip by unnoticed. While Gilleard's Creature from the Black Lagoon poster wasn't part of last month's exhibition, it's been a print I've long enjoyed. If you'd like to pick one up, head on over to James Gilleard's online store, where it's currently available. The artwork costs £80 (about $127) and measures 420 mm x 839 mm (approximately 16.5" x 33"). For more info on James, vist and follow @jgilleard on Twitter.

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