Monday, November 12, 2012

Heads Up: Kevin Tong's "Optimus Prime" Art Print

Everyone loves themselves some Kevin Tong. And why not? The dude’s consistently creating some of the most stunning posters around and is especially well-versed when it comes to crafting his beautifully complicated and mechanically exact illustrations. Case in point: Acidfree Gallery's wonderfully designed Transformers inspired "Optimus Prime" art prints. Check 'em out!

"Optimus Prime" Art Print (Regular or Metallic Variant)
Kevin Tong - Screen Print
Regular - $40 - 16" x 24" - Numbered - Time-limited Edition (24 Hours)
Metallic Variant - $75 - "24" x 36" - Signed and Numbered - Limited to 100

"Optimus Prime" Art Print (Metallic GID Variant)
Kevin Tong
24" x 36" (Screen Print) - Signed and Numbered
$100 - Limited to 50

Tong's "Optimus Prime" posters will be sold through Acidfree Gallery's website at a random time on Friday (11/16). The regular version, measuring 16" x 24", is a time-limited edition that will be available for 24 hours, while the 24" x 36" variants will be significantly more limited at 100 and 50. For more info about the gallery, be sure to visit, the Acidfree blog, and follow them on Twitter @acidfreegallery. To see more of Kevin's work, head over to

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  1. If you missed out on this beauty, Acid Free Gallery now has up Printer Proof copies numbered out of 15 of the Regular Edition + the Variant Edition .


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