Friday, June 22, 2012

Phantom City Creative's "The Night of the Hunter" Movie Poster

"Leaning, leaning / safe and secure from all alarms / leaning, leaning / leaning on the everlasting arms." If you've ever seen Charles Laughton's The Night of the Hunter, reading those lyrics likely gave you chills. Mitchum's performance as Harry Powell is that memorable and that devastating. To take it a step further, Night of the Hunter is one of the most gorgeous black and white films you'll ever see, and is just as creepy as I imagine it was in 1955, maybe even more so, with its stop-at-nothing depiction of a man wielding religion to his own bloodthirsty ends. Now that my keyboard is officially covered in drool what with all the praise I've been heaping on this film, let's take a look at Phantom City Creative's beautiful Night of the Hunter print below.

The Night of the Hunter Movie Poster
Phantom City Creative
24" x 36" (Screen Print) - Numbered
$40 - Limited to 170

There's a lot to say about this print, but I'll just start with the most obvious: how menacing does Mitchum look? Those haunted eyes and clasped hands tell you everything you need to know about this guy - stay away, stay the hell away. Phantom City Creative perfectly captured the stylized look of Stanley Cortez and Charles Laughton's expressionistic compositions, ultimately creating something angular, mysterious, and altogether terrifying. Like our villain's switchblade slicing through his own jacket, a faint beam of light cuts through the thick shadows to reveal the hint of an appropriately sinister visage. Also, I'm not 100% sure if this was the artist's intent, but the triangle at the bottom of the frame is very reminiscent of a visual motif that's constantly popping up in the film. I've included a few screenshots from the movie below, but again, this is only a theory of mine. If this was actually what the artist was attempting to do, well, that's pretty amazing and yet another reason why this poster is a must buy.

The Night of the Hunter (1955)

Night of the Hunter (1955)

Phantom City Creative's jaw-dropping The Night of the Hunter movie poster will be available through Mondo tomorrow (6/22) at a random time. The poster measures 24" x 36", is limited to an edition of 170, and will cost $40. If you'd like to learn more about Phantom City Creative, head over to and be sure to follow them on Twitter @phantomcitycrtv. They've also got a great online store with a bunch of prints still in stock at Most importantly, if you don't already own Night of the Hunter on Blu-ray or DVD, do yourself a favor and buy it! Good luck!


  1. I love this poster & the film. Seems like PCC is really hitting their stride with the Mondo stuff. Their recent releases (this, Captain America) are light years beyond their earlier stuff (Rabid).

    And, although no one seems to be interested, Dark City just dropped another awesome Argento poster.

    1. Agreed. PCC has been killing it recently and have quickly become one of Mondo's most go-to artists (for good reason).


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